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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jules's "MALATOP"

"Dah siap", I texted Heska.
Then she replied, "Uuuuuuuu, neves2, tlg amek gamba n email sy? Tqs :)".
Then I said, "Oi, jgn disappointd lak nnt ek. Tau2 je la, me n cake deco ni, mcm budak elementary sch! Ok, nnt I send... ".
Then Heska said, "Hahaha! Xpe. Yg penting kerja you buat w love kan??? Kan??? :p".
I replied, "Of coz, all my work is filled w lurve...! ".

It took a while to mail the pictures to Heska, coz my computer and the internet were running at the weather's pace yesterday, but I managed to send them through finally.

Then came Heska's text again, "OMG!!!!! Love it love it love it!!!!!!!!! Tqs!!!!"
I replied, "Alhamdulillah... "

Heska had wanted to celebrate the fab work of "Cuci" with her "Cuci" friends, and she asked if I could decorate my fudgy in a way that would commensurate her "ultra joy"! She also loved "Papadom", so, it shoud be like a 2-in-1 thingy. And she was saying things like fireworks, pompoms, and all that bang! Hmmmm...sigh...hmmmm....... Ting! A light bulb appeared! I remembered the platter I had seen earlier, the centre was a American football field and on the side were some fun football stuff. And I thought, 'the whole 9 yards...' Yess! With some fluffy mini and large marshmallows, some fun party works, and with goons pulling at my tail whining and pining for extra marshmallows, I finally did it...Alhamdulillah...

Yup, the reviews of "Cuci" have been nothing but fab. So I'm hoping to secure some tickets for this Saturday, and I'm hoping my parents will want to "keep" my goons this weekend, hehe...


wiz said...

This could also work for the 4th of July celebration Jules. Yup, it's fab fab fab and breeze and trojan and Dynamo babey!

..::ciaobella::.. said...

ohooooo kantoi i mcm ni :p tqs madam jules... it was truly d most malatop n d most filled with lurrveee brownies i have even seen!!


Juliana Mohd Daud said...

thanks wiz...i think the deco could work for any celebration. but different plate, different feel... :)

ciaobella... you're just so much fun to work with! but, i guess everyone knows that already huh? :)

..::ciaobella::.. said...

hahaha.. coz ni fun work!!.. but when had to ganti boss.. im not so likable i guess..hahaha

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