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Cynthia Kersey has been writing about Unstoppable People for over a decade and found that living an unstoppable life always involves giving. People who give and are involved in a purpose that is greater than themselves are the happiest people and live the richest and most meaningful lives imaginable...

(Thank you Abang Zu for sharing this...)

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jules for Father's Day 2009 - Part 2

...is still underway... hee hee hee... didn't succeed in getting everything done, coz new things keep popping up along the way... :)

...a birthday surprise for Wiz the Wiz, who keeps saying that she's not a celebrated person...

..."Yellow Teddy Bear", a very special gift for a very brave lady, from her family ~ sister, brother-in-law, nieces, nephew, grandnieces and grandnephews ~ who love her very much and who wish for her to be well, strong and happy always...

...this gift was for someone who "loves everything decorative, dreamy and beautiful"... the lovely cupcakes in the dreamy pink box are from Wiz (flanked by 2 squares of Jules fudgies), plus some delightful mini goodies in Jules "Rhapsody in Blue"...

I hope Jules was able to add sunshine and goodness, spread cheer and happiness... :)

While we celebrate birthdays and memorable moments, we also embrace those who are dealing with pain and sadness. It's NEVER easy having to deal with tribulations, but it really does get better over time...of course it sounds crappy when people around you say this, but, it really does get better over time... The most important thing is, we must let ourselves heal; letting go is surely the worst pain, but once we've passed that, and start replenishing ourselves, we would soon realise that things do get better, InsyaAllah; and life is indeed truly wonderful, Alhamdulillah. And, we would also realise that there are still so many more people and things out there to love, and who love us too.

To all Jules family and friends, I hope you know that my thots and my prayers are always with you... :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jules for Father's Day 2009 - Part 1

...Father, Dad, Ayah, Abah, Baba, Walid, Pok, Pa... however you call them, they're the people who bring sparkle to a child's eye... :)

My sons' dad, their beloved Ayah, well, what can I say, he's like any other guy out there...but to my goons, he's the hero of the world! Ayah will tell them bedtime stories, Ayah will turn on the mosquito destroyer at night, Ayah will take them "shopping" at McDonald's, Ayah will binge on snacks and junk food with them, Ayah will marathon computer games with them...and Ayah will stay up to fan them at night when the electricity is out, Ayah will carry them and say a "jampi" when they have bad dreams, Ayah will zoom them off to the doctor's when they are down with something... Ayah, however he may be to the rest of the world, is forever Ayah to his kids...

In this Part 1, are 4 tins I managed to spruce up these past days; each with its own unique feel, for the unique dad. And based on my goon's Ayah's preference, I'd load them up with cheese stix, pizza stix (both available from JulesDelightfulness) and Pepperidge Farm's Milano Orange. But, you could have it empty and then fill it up with whatever your "Ayah"'s heart desires.

And this morning, I hope I was able to bring a smile to a very special lady, who is dearly loved by her children and grandchildren...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jules in Purple Overture...

...for the love of all things purple...

...joy be to all those who love purple! Dear Adrian and Liza Ann, I hope this gift brings lots of happy things to your dearest Aunty Gwen... :)

And, though I had missed to photograph the gifts (plus the fudgies) I had made for Lisa, for her friends and new twin cousin-nieces, I hope those creations filled their purposes...to bring joy to all who receive them, insyaAllah...

Here is a special Baby Gift for a special Baby Girl, that I made for Giftmagique for Microsoft Services...

The answer to my anxiety a few days back was answered when Sinar FM was named Malaysia's #2 Radio Station. Congrats to darling husband and his fab team for a fantastic job! Then, I received another fab news : that my Lulu Guinness limited edition shopping bag had arrived!...in UK, that is. Thanks Linda, and Hanip, and Raouf and Jazmine and Adam! I shall patiently wait for this new precious Lulu to reach me via the Tangerine Rezal family, when they return from their trip.

This limited edition Lulu Guinness is a special project by my favourite handbag designer, to contribute to The Royal Marsden, which is the world's first Cancer Hospital. And I've actually wanted to share this delightful shopping bag with family, friends and patrons of Jules, for their undying support...but sadly, apart from Wiz the Wiz, no one had dropped any comment on whether Jules should do a 2000th Hit Surprise...huuhuuhuu... Well, I'm not giving up in this just yet, I still want to share my heart's joy with all of you; so, perhaps I will pick another date/event in the future, to find a reason to give away this lovely bag to one lucky Jules viewer!... :)

My friend Fid, of My Life Journey, asked me, "What's so special about Lulu Guinness that you're just so crazy about her?" Well, let me share with you these extracts from her book, Put On Your Pearls, Girls!, and maybe you'll be able to understand the fascination I have for her...

"This book, dear reader, is like all of Lulu's creations: a delicious confection, a little life-enhancer. Lulu in turn observes one of my own little aspirational aims in life, which is to remember to live with imagination; to bring fantasy to the quotidian; to splash what can be the gray and drab days with a little pink,"...Helena Bonham Carter (in her foreword), London, 2005.

"Lulu (in the book) is a fictional character, based on myself, except that she is timeless, ageless, and has long legs I can only dream of possessing. Through her I am trying to encourage you to live life with wit and wisdom, and to find the confidence to create an individual style for yourself on the outside and, perhaps most important of all, to have a good heart on the inside. Put On Your Pearls, Girls! is meant to inspire you to be proud of your femininity and to laugh at yourself and with others."...Lulu Guinness, London, 2005.

And, her dustbag is purple, her box packaging is purple and white stripes...so, go figure! :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jules is Anxious...

...awaiting some exciting news from Darling Husband. He says that the announcement should be made by midday today. And for some reason, he had me bake my fudgies last night so that he could bring them to the office today, to be shared with his colleagues... I wonder....

Anyhow, Esfahan is celebrating his Teacher's Day at his SK Desa Pandan today. His anxiety had been building since last week, when he brought home the memo stating that the school's Teacher's Day celebration will be on 19 May 2009. He had listed down the names of his teachers whom he wishes to give presents to, which dear old mommy here helped to create lah. And this morning, he wrote on each card "Selamat Hari Guru" and the respective teachers' names. Then off he scurried into the car with a big paper bagful of gifts for his beloved teachers. Damascus and Marrakesh had their Teacher's Day party last Friday itself; it was a no-uniform-party-day, and all was fun :)

Amidst all this joy and excitement, my heart goes to the dearest people in my life who are going through some very trying times. Yeanti, the champion of all matters benevolent, hang in there dear friend, God is multiplying your strength in a manner that you will soon come to realise, insyaAllah. Other family and friends, don't give up on your faith, strength and love come to those who believe...

In the meantime, I am also anxious about some news and some things from afar; where one of the things has something to do with Lulu Guinness. Well, it's just too bad, and too sad, that no one has written in to tell me if they think Jules should have a 2000th Hit Surprise, so, I guess there's no need for me to share this news and I also guess that I'll just keep it all to myself then... Nevertheless, Jules is, as always, truly, truly grateful for the continued support from dear family, friends and patrons...everything is made possible by you! :)

...some of Jules's handmade cards

...a fab birthday gift for a fab lady!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jules goes rustic this Teacher's Day

...JulesTins - fill up with yummy cookies or candies, or load up with red inked pens, and you'll have the best, most unique gift, exclusively for your fav teachers!

Empty tin @ RM25.00 each
Empty tin + card (with envelope) + gift pouch @ 32.00 each

Friday, May 8, 2009

I soaked up the sun...

...and am indeed grateful for what I have...fiercely loyal family and friends...and wonderfully supportive patrons :)

The booth at the MarketPlace@KLiDC proved to be a test of another sort...the scorching heat, the Jalan Ampang dust, and.... the unfortunately sad customer flow... !... :)

But, fortunately for me, I have people who never fail to pop in wherever Jules may be...Thank you... and thank you all Jules family, friends and patrons for the constant encouragement... because of you, those excruciating 7 hours under that hot, stuffy tent, seemed like a leisurely walk in the park...in lovely autumn! And, there were also my fellow vendors, from whom I learnt new things, and with whom I joyously traded! :)

...more tins...it was so hot that I didn't have the will to even take any pictures at the booth!...Now I look forward to another new experience at the A Shopaholic's Den Birthday Bash Bazaar tomorrow...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jules's Ideas for Mother's Day

There'll be more at Jules's booths at the MarketPlace @ KLiDC and the A Shopaholic's Den Bazaar !

Sunday, May 3, 2009

It has been quite a weekend...

...Marrakesh came down with fever due to a bad case of tonsilitis plus some horrible mouth ulcers, and I'd spent most of it nursing a sick koala... :)... Hence, I greatly apologise to all Jules family, friends and patrons, whose requests I genuinely could not meet these past 2 days...

Fortunately, I had managed to finish a special project for Eila, for her engagement do, just in the nick of time. Hopefully everything went well for the delightful Eila and her family...Thanks dearie... :)

Amidst all this, there were some folks, very close to me, who'd gone thru a very trying period...of sadness, faith and courage. My heart goes to them...I pray that they remain strong and unperturbed, because all around them, they will continue to receive a lot of love and support, from family and friends who will never stop caring. Though at first it may seem crappy to try to be strong...but with a lot of faith and prayer, the dark clouds will always pass to make way for sunshine... and without even realising it, we're always a little bit stronger, and wiser, than we were moments ago... :)

...and Jules will unwiltingly continue to be part of everything that elevates life, so that we will always have a reason, no matter how tiny, to celebrate ... :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Jules Shops!

ya...wouldn't it be great if I literally went SHOPPING?! lol

Jules will be busy at bazaars throughout the whole month of May 2009. I'm truly looking forward to see all Jules family, friends and patrons at all these bazaars! Up for sale will be my fudgies, my tins, my handbags, and, if you have any needs for JulesMD services, it will be my pleasure to entertain... :)

See you all!

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