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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sneak peek at the new JulesPreciousness BabyBagPack...

I had ordered two reversible cotton tote bags from the fab Nadhrah, quite some time before my otitis media. And last week she sent them to me...AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I was SO excited. I had been planning for them to be part of JulesPreciousness' gift packages for newborns, as the fab totes make great baby bags. Though I keep telling myself my hiatus is to ensure I get enough rest, I just couldn't resist working on this special project.

I've had to work rather slowly, firstly coz I don't drive much yet, and secondly coz I am really taking things easy this while and not running around like I normally do :)

These are the original totes from Nadhrah's Sew Sweet Designs...thank you dear for these photos :)

After some addendums by Jules, voila!

Jules Contemporary ...for GIRL

When complete, this whole package will contain baby towels, blanket, toiletry, grooming set, baby book, with Jules tins & boxes (the set shown here is not yet complete)...

Jules Classic ...for BOY

When complete, this whole package will contain baby towels, blanket, toiletry, grooming set, baby book, with Jules tins & boxes (the set shown here is not yet complete)...

When I was in KGV (form 2-5) I made my own school bags! I remember my very first quilted tote in black&white polka dots, I gave it a red pocket with white lace trimming and red handles too. Then there was my black&white (yes, my passion for black&whites started that long ago) checkerboard cushioned tote with black handles; my yellow&white gingham bucket tote with yellow string handles; my cross stitch pullstring knapsack, I cross stitched my initials against an abstract design that was popular during the 80's; my purple&white striped messenger with purple satin strap, I loved the huge purple button that was on the front flap; and my white duffel with orange trimming, orange zipper, orange handles and orange strap. And I had different files to match each bag, hehe, each one I decorated myself. Oh yes, those were the days :)

I bought a piece of cotton fabric and a pair of bag handles from Anna Patchwork some time back, and my mom gave me a fabric with a cool black&white houndstooth motif, all with the intention to make bags under JulesAddiction Bags. But, they've been in my storage for more than a year now, woopsie! Hehe... Okay, Nadhrah has given me the inspiration, so yes, I shall soon start Bag-ging again, InsyaAllah.

Till then, I will continue to take it easy, and focus towards getting back to my 100% (or more) soon, InsyaAllah :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

JulesFudgyliciousness On A Hiatus

Salam everyone! Hellooooo!

Well, I've been back home for almost a week now, but since the myringotomy, my life hasn't gone back to its normal routine yet. As much as my will and spirit feel able, my flesh proves that I am indeed in need of a break. Most importantly, I must make sure that my right eardrum heals itself properly, so that everything else will start functioning properly too.

Generally, I would brave through a bad gastric, a bad flu or a bad PMS, but in this case, I can't risk not regaining my full hearing and balance. So, as much as it irks me, I have to take it easy, and I'm limiting my movements to just chauffering the kids and the occasional massage and grocery trips.

Yes, I've been amplifying the reflexology and body massages, just to help my system stay alert. Taking it easy needs some getting used to too; I don't suddenly jump up and run in and out of the house anymore now, instead I take my time standing or getting up, get a hold of something, adjust my bearing and secure my footing, then I start moving. It's quite funny actually, coz I used to remind my mum to do this all the time, else she may risk tumbling all over! Heeeee...and now it's happening to me!

But the doctors did say it'll take 1-3+ months for everything to get back to normal for me, so I'm keeping that in mind and taking it all in stride. Alhamdulillah, the good thing now is I'm no longer in pain. My ear still buzzes, my speech still sounds like that of Sly Stallone's, and I still blink like I'm giving a flirtatious wink, hehe, but I'm positive that things will get better, insyaAllah. Another thing I'm definitely grateful for, Alhamdulillah, is that my overall state of health was good, apart from the otitis media itself, ie. bloodworks and vital stats were good. Hence the myringotomy was able to be performed on me expeditiously.

Hmmm, maybe all this is a precursor to turning 42... :)

Nevertheless, until that time and in my effort to take it easy, I'll sadly have to take a month or two hiatus from JulesFudgyliciousness. I'll truly miss the beautiful smell of butter, chocolate and vanilla baking in the oven, the joy of inhaling the wonderful aroma when the beauties are cooling on the racks, and I'll most definitely miss meeting everyone on my delivery trips. But my brownies and fudge do require a lot of up and down movements and spinning around especially when I'm on a baking deadline, so my body (not my spirit) really needs to take a break from all of that for a while.

As for JulesDelightfulness, JulesAddiction, JulesPreciousness and JulesMD, I will slowly but surely carry on with the projects at hand, pacing myself as I go along. I do realise that there are emails that I have missed; I do truly apologise for this and for any inconvenience caused, I will try to go through them and make up for whichever that I can ya?

My target now is to restart everything by March or April, and maybe introduce something exciting in time to celebrate Mother's Day in May. The plan was to introduce a few things at the start of 2012 and alongside my birthday in February, but since things have taken a spin, I'll be happy if I can meet my March/April target, insyaAllah. I wish I could say that I'll play it by ear, but nope, can't do that now! :)

In the meantime, here are some lovelies which I managed to do before I became Two Faced Mommy!

A Purple Fondant hantaran brownie for the daughter of one of the sweetest ladies I know :)

A birthday brownie filled with lots of love, for a special father...

"Love-filled" brownie bites for a special anniversary...

"Smiley Faces" brownie bites for a young man's 21st birthday bash!

JulesPreciousness' latest project ~ Children's Dresses ~ one of a kind, and lovingly hand tailored with the finest cotton, lace and pretty embroidery...

...makes a simply beautiful gift...

...for birthdays and special occasions...

Baby Cradle for "Cukur Jambul"... the cradle is from Daybab's Shoppe, while the ribbons are Jules' Signature :)... something simple yet sweet for a baby boy...

A little JulesDelightfulness gift box to bring in the New 2012 Year...

Brownie Favour for Baby Dean's Aqiqah...

Thank you again for all the prayers and wellwishes, some really make me want to cry, I am truly very touched. May God bless you and your loved ones too...

It may be a while to my next post, so I wish you all the best for this 2012, may you have much love, good health, good wealth and an abundance of joy.

[You can also find JulesMD on Facebook now, very much appreciate if you would visit and add to the Like, thank you :)]

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Twist In The Tale

Happy New Year 2012! Better late than never ya... :)

The new year was supposed to start with some excitement. I had planned to introduce some new things in JulesPreciousness and JulesAddiction Tins/Boxes, but the reality of things took a different twist.

I am now writing from my hospital bed in Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur, where I've been for the past 20 hours.

The last week of December 2011, I had suffered a very bad flu and fever. Sick as I was, I still managed to fulfill all my brownie and gift orders that had come in during that period. The flu got so bad on new year's eve that I found myself in the ER of Pantai Hospital Klang at 6am on 1 January 2012, due to an excruciating pain in my right ear. So the doctor there gave me what he thought would help, which didn't help. 2 hours later I was practically crying and crouching on my parents' sofa, until Aunty Mani from next door, a retired staff nurse, came over and suggested I take Arcoxia to relieve the pain. She also compressed hot towel around my right ear and my face, and Alhamdulillah after about an hour, the pain disappeared and I finally fell into slumber. I love you Aunty Mani, I hope you know that already...

By the time my second dose of Arcoxia was losing effect, darling husband was already home from outstation, and we immediately headed for Gleneagles KL, our friendly family medical service provider :) The doctor diagnosed something something something viral infection, which I didn't really bother to know exactly coz I was in so much pain, not that I could hear anyway. She then jabbed me with a super duper dose of painkiller, gave me the relevant antibiotic and meds, and sent me home feeling high and happy.

After 3 days there was no more pain or throbbing in my ear, though I couldn't really say that my ear was back to its normal self, and I was making an appointment to see a ENT specialist some time this week. However, yesterday when I was brushing my teeth and gargling off, I couldn't gargle, meaning I couldn't hold the water in my mouth. I didn't really take much care of this coz I dismissed it as an early morning lazy muscle thing. But later during breakfast I was having trouble moving the bread in my mouth, somehow my tongue and lips felt lame, and a bit lopsided. That too I brushed aside coz I was rushing getting the boys ready for school and then sending Marrakesh off to kindy. Then I carried on with my normal routine and it wasn't until later in the afternoon after the boys finished mengaji that I felt like my face was really not right. I was laughing with my boys about something and I realised that I couldn't feel the right side of my face moving. So I went to the mirror and smiled. That was when I realised that only the left side of my mouth turned up, the right side was just lame. AAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! Only then did I realise that the right side of my face felt rather numb. AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

So later that evening, my guys dropped me off at the Gleneagles ER while they went on to look for dinner. It turned out that the ER was a favourite spot for the sickly around the Ampang area, coz it was filled to the brim! While it was sad to see so many sick people around, I couldn't help thinking that, hmmm, this place is quite happening, hehe, maybe coz the new Starbucks there closed at midnight :)

When I finally saw the doctor, she very casually said, "yup, you've got facial paralysis, and your right eardrum is still quite inflammed." What? AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently, the viral infection in my right ear had been so bad that it had slowly affected my facial nerves and paralysing them, and causing me to be "senget". She wanted to admit me immediately and start me on antibiotics, but I told her I couldn't do that coz I haven't done anything at home, ie. prepared all the boys' school stuff and all. So she let me off with a referral letter to see the ENT specialist the very next day, but if my paralysis worsened I must return and get admitted.

I got home with a heavy heart. I should be in hospital so I can get better, but how do I leave my boys? I just carried on ironing their uniforms and my face was feeling even more numb. So I told darling husband that it doesn't look like I have much choice but to admit myself in hospital. I asked my sister to come over to stay with the boys while darling husband and I went to hospital. All 3 boys were happily deep in slumber and I kissed each one before I left.

And here I am now, IV line in hand, bored stiff, the overhead TV showing "Stealth" on Fox Movie, and I can't sleep coz I just feel compelled to write. The meds made me very nauseous and dizzy earlier, and I've had 3 doses. In the next bed, the nurses are prepping the lady for her surgery tomorrow, to remove a cancerous growth and to insert a chemo-port. So who am I to complain, right? Thank god for Starbucks, I could at least have an hour chill time over latte and cappuccino with darling husband just now.

Another 3 doses before the doctor can tell me if I'm clear to be discharged or not. He's allowed me to be on hospital leave to see to my boys, but I'll have to return for the next doses via IV, so my line will have to stay on till then. If the meds don't settle my ear inflammation and facial paralysis, he'll have to poke into my eardrum to rectify the matter. AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... :) I pray it doesn't get to that, InsyaAllah.

Imagine going swimming and getting water trapped in your ear and it remains perpetually that way with occasional sharp prickling pains, your face feeling numb on one side and your drink involuntarily dripping out of the side of your mouth so you should only drink with a straw, and the worst kind of nausea 2-3 hours after meds. Compare that to everyday frustratingly screaming at 3 goons annoyingly brawling over who gets the Ninjago first, nagging at them to pick up their dirty clothes and not chuck their smelly socks on the sofa, yelling at them to keep their room clean, and perpetually picking up their scattered stuff in the futile effort to keep the house neat and in tip top condition.

I'd take the latter anytime... :) Good night.

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