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Cynthia Kersey has been writing about Unstoppable People for over a decade and found that living an unstoppable life always involves giving. People who give and are involved in a purpose that is greater than themselves are the happiest people and live the richest and most meaningful lives imaginable...

(Thank you Abang Zu for sharing this...)

Monday, August 31, 2009


Alhamdulillah...for yet another Merdeka! for our beloved Malaysia... :)... Freedom to live, to love, to think, to progress... not everyone in this world is fortunate enough to have all this...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jules : Exhausted, but Excited!

Yup! It's been good...!

Alhamdulillah, my Merdeka deadline was finally met, although I still have yet to get through a long list of delivery. But, all in all, it's been good :)

And, in the meantime, as promised...jeng jeng jeng...! Sneak peek to Jules latest Tins....

...Stay tuned for more...plus a very special 1-9 September 2009 offer!... :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jules adds another 3 years as she looks forward to another Merdeka!

...Missing my 3rd goon, as he spends his first day as a 3 year old at TokMama's and TokAbah's, with his 2 older goon bros!

Ya, but I called him first thing this morning and wished him Happy Birthday..."who's mommy's clever boy?...kekesh...who's mommy's good boy?...kekesh...who's mommy's darling boy?...kekesh..."...missed his 'smelly' hug...:) But, he's having a helluva time in Klang, doing gardening with TokMama, and art&craft with TokAbah while mommy runs and spins topsy turvy to meet deadlines! :) So, he's 3, Alhamdulillah, and mommy's growing older...heehee...

Merdeka's just around the corner and Muslims in Malaysia are well into their 4th day of fasting...am praying for all good and successful outcomes, insyaAllah... :)

Marrakesh's first 3rd Birthday Party...at his Krista Taman Nirwana Kindy, last Friday, before the school holidays... cupcakes by mysunshine...

His second Birthday Party@Home...cupcakes by bunsintheoven...

While I pray that my Merdeka2009 project meets its deadlines, I'll share with you last year's work (under Giftmagique)... "Kudap-kudapan Kegemaran Tunku"...This one will definitely remain dear to my heart...

...couldn't have been successful without the support of a fab client, and the fab production teams of Ann&Helena, and Encik Rezal Zamry... :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Jules goes all emo...

...coz her youngest is about to turn 3 tomorrow, and last night's pre-birthday do wasn't up to the desired level of joyfulness coz 50% of 'The Tam Peeps' weren't around to celebrate...

We had to celebrate Marrakesh because, his birthday was due, and he deserves a celebration. But at the same time, we were anxious about Baby Zara, who, sadly, tested positive for H1N1 and is recovering at HUKM. Hopefully Tok Baie who cares for her everyday is not infected too, and neither are MakLang, PakLang, Makcik, Maksu... We pray that Baby Zara is back to her normal, healthy self soon, and that everyone else will be just fine...InsyaAllah...

And, I'm still rushing my Merdeka2009 Project deadlines. So, just 1 pix for now, of the soon-to-be-3 Marrakesh (at his kindy last Friday)...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Jules ushers in Ramadhan Mubarak...

...This morning as I kissed darling husband's hand before he left for work and I mine, he reminded me of the importance of forgiveness before welcoming Ramadhan. Hence, he asked me to forgive him for anything that he may have done wrong, to me, to the boys, and everything else...and he kissed my hand in return... With tears welling up in my eyes and with great syukur in my heart, I reciprocated...

Alhamdulillah, thank you God, for bestowing upon me, my family, my friends, and all Jules patrons, such a rich and meaningful life, a life full of love, hope, peace and harmony... a life with lots of room to grow, to care and to share...

My family and I wish all Muslims a blessed and safe Ramadhan, insyaAllah...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jules on the run!

Hee hee... That's why I always tell my boys, that if we lived on the Starship Enterprise where I can energise and beam over here and there at my convenience, then I wouldn't be so stressed when they don't heed my instructions...! But seriously, it's really no joke running here and there trying to get your stuff done, deadlines met, plus chauffer duty, dropping off and picking up, parking and unparking the car, then getting back into your schedule, especially when the day is so hot!

Anyways, amidst my running around, I managed to work on some very interesting things that surprisingly cropped up along the way :)

Introducing...JulesFudgy Argyle :
For the wife who likes JulesFudgy Bling and would like to have it for her husband's birthday... darling husband, who appreciates his wife's adoration for blings but wouldn't want to have the same amount of bling himself...!

...Do notice that the top pix shows JulesFudgy Argyle with more bling at the points while the bottom pix shows it with less bling...that's Jules offering choies...! Hee hee... ...Jules fudgy with strawberries, for the kids... :)

Then I was given the task to package two wonderful gifts for a very special boss who was retiring. One was the Holy Quran, and the other a fascinating book called The Pavillion Of The Sacred Relics. My jaw dropped the first time I was handed the latter, it was like holding a great treasure. And a treasure it is indeed as it was a limited edition copy and the only other people who own the book are HM Tuanku Mizan and Tun Abdullah Badawi. I must admit that it was indeed a privilege to be around something so awesome; a treasure that holds such great knowledge and information. My husband and I, we love books, we just have this fascination for books, especially limited or special editions. The Pavillion Of The Sacred Relics...it is now my aim to own one...perhaps if I ever get to Istanbul, where is was published... :)

...a lovely songket tenun Terengganu and a nice scroll of words to complete the whole package... :)

Then, I also squeezed in a new experimentation... baking JulesFudgies in cups. Wiz the wiz had gotten such cool hot pink and white polka liners for me...thanks Wiz. So, I gave it a try, in my unending quest to continually provide new alternatives to my JulesFudgy presentation.

And lastly, in between the impossible rush of checking on gift packing progress and briefing graphic designers, I managed to spruce up a special JulesFudgy in a Tin... Soprattutto per signor mundo, con l'amore dal suo innamorato... :)

...for a brute and a gentlemen.... aaaaaahhh... I'm just a sucker for all things romantic!

...I truly love all Jules family, friends and patrons, you must know that my heart has the softest spot for all of you! So, be it in the middle of the night, or during a storm or in the midst of everything hectic, if my flesh supports my will, if there are sufficient ingredients in the fridge, enough tools at my worktable, insyaAllah, I will do my very best to meet all your requests, urgent, last minute, or in ample grace time... I have my darling goons to help! :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Jules : Boys' 2nd Merdeka Project

Well, this time, I only managed to get the full attention of Esfahan, while his 2 younger siblings decided they'd spend the time helping Ultraman fight monsters! And, true to his diligent and focused nature, most of the time at least (!), my darling eldest son came up with this hibiscus in black & white, which I think is simply lovely...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Jules offline!

AAAAAAA!!!! My internet at home has been down since the night before. But now it's back up, alhamdulillah...

I'm still rushing to meet several tight deadlines : Merdeka2009, Giftmagique deliverables, Jules works for Puasa & Raya, and to kick off benevolent efforts for Ramadhan & Syawal... Breathe in... breathe out... aaaaahhhhh.... InsyaAllah, all will meet their deadlines well and fine... InsyAllah... :)

For now, here's my latest Bling... for a very special, very vivacious, very brave and very strong little girl...whose heart she unselfishly shares with her loved ones... a very sweet little girl who never left her Umi's side at a time when her Umi needed her the most...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jules these past few days...

...was busy with khenduri and wedding favours and replenishing stock and brownie orders and current projects!

Nevertheless, here are a couple of things that I'd like to share with you now, before I let you all in on other Jules projects... and the latest will be a benevolent effort for Ramadhan & Syawal... :)

...Roses are red, violets are blue, I give my heart and soul to you...... :)

Yesss! My new stock! Well, just part of what has now completely filled my drawers and racks! So many bling blings... am working on one now already... can't wait to do more......! :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jules rushed!

Flew here, flew there, flew everywhere today! And it's been such a hot day!

I'm still rushing, so, 2 main things :

Yeanti Dearie, thank you so very much for laying all your food at your khenduri today on JulesFudgy platters! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, I was so touched and, I did hug you, right? Yes, I did, and I love you dear friend, I truly treasure your undying support... :)

Wiz...Wiz! You're so teruks you know...came by my house and surprisingly dropped off simply FAB DURIAN cupcakes when I wasn't home!!! Plus some ultra cute polka dot paper napkins in sweet pink and baby blue! And the durian cuppies were also in pink & white polka dots!!! And you wrote 'thank you jules' on your cuppies! For being one of Wiz's 50000th viewer? No Wiz, thank YOU for keeping your blog and creating a nice place for me to visit, and find joy, cheer, inspiration and a peace of mind... :)

...yummm... so love these...thank you Wiz... :)

And while I was flying around just now, I homed in on this fab old time enamel double boiler, which I just couldn't resist! So, from now on, chocolate for all bling fudgies shall be lovingly melted in this boiler...may its charm and character flow into my fudgies...good vibes...good vibes...heehee!... :) Who knows, I might even make kaya!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Latest in JulesFudgyliciousness

Woohoo! 2 posts in a day! Ya, well, when I can, I can...! And I do!

So, I'd just like to share with you the latest in JulesFudgyliciousness. I've just discovered this superb 70% cacao premium dark chocolate, so smooth, so luscious, so sweetly bitter, made in Finland and has been around since 1891; and they now go into JulesFudgyliciousness, for that rich fudgy feel in my brownies...a good way too to balance out the sweetness! I hope I'll have ample supply of this to last a long time. But even if it's only for a while, you'll always get nothing less than premium Swiss dark chocolate in JulesFudgies...that's how passionate I am about my brownies... :)

And, since I've discovered the amazingly brilliant idiot's solution to decorating cakes, ie. stencils and sugar crystals (heehee!), JulesFudgies can now bring more colour, feel and cheer to your table! Oh! And I've also discovered awesomely cool party candles at the supermarket recently, with which I'm definitely replacing ordinary pink and white striped ones, for birthdays or celebrations... :)

Thank you, all Jules family, friends and patrons... your support means the world to me :) Have a good weekend!

Jules Raya & Kurma Treats

Finally, I've some pictures of Raya gifts to share with you :)! There's more, but here are a few for this round ya... :) FYI, my Raya and other festive/corporate hamper offerings are normally placed under the brand Giftmagique...but they will always have my personal Jules touch... :) These few items are listed here with their prices; but please do note that all Jules/Giftmagique items can be personally tailored to your individual/corporate specifications and requirements, that's always something that can be further discussed... :)

Kurma in assorted packaging
Kurma in assorted packaging ~ starts from RM20, and above...

Festive Tins ~ start from RM40, and above...

Jelita Syawal ~ starts from RM85, and above...

2 Tier Syawal
2 Tier Syawal ~ starts from RM160, and above...

Festive Tray
Festive Tray ~ starts from RM200, and above...

Charming Tiffin
Charming Tiffin ~ starts from RM220, and above

Opulent Syawal
Opulent Syawal
Opulent Syawal ~ starts from RM280, and above...

3 Tier Syawal
3 Tier Syawal (B)
3 Tier Syawal ~ starts from RM300.00, and above...

All Giftmagique/Jules hampers/gifts come with a warm and personalised gift card, and includes delivery within Klang Valley. All items are available while stock lasts, and we may substitute the packaging with items of equivalent quality/material if the need arises. Please sms (016-2712114) or email me (juliemd@yahoo.com, giftmagique@yahoo.com) for further enquiries/orders.

Will upload more pictures soon...

As for JulesFudgyliciousness, my special packaging for Raya is not quite ready yet...soon... :)

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