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Sunday, February 7, 2010

In The Purple...Girls Really Do Have Fun - SOME MORE!

...hehe... and this time it was Nora and her fab G15 ladies!

Nora requested for her birthday party favours to be something lilac or with purple hues, and each to be tailored to the individual recipient, where no two are the same. So she gave me a list of all the fab G15 ladies, which has now increased to 21, including a brief description of each wonderful lady (something I'd normally ask for when I'm customising gifts). With purple being my favourite colour too, I didn't want to overdo the hue nor let it become a cliche. So I fused some basic colours and designs together, and let everything blend harmoniusly, but each item would have at least one shade of purple... :)

As for the birthday brownie, I did my best with the very little skill I have with fondant, coz Nora wanted fondant, so I kept it simple and sweet... :)

Each tin contains a handmade mini hanging photo album, and the tin is then placed in my organza gift pouch. All paper used are acid free, from Scrappingglitz...and thanks so much Nadhrah, for the valuable tips on creating those really cute photo albums, and for lending me your inker and super puncher! I must surely get one of those punchers for myself, coz I'm hooked!

I must say, I love all the tins and gifts I make, and I never want to part with any of them, really... But, it's always best to share this love... :) And what makes everything all worthwhile is that my gifts help to spread joy and cheer many times over... Alhamdulillah...

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