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Friday, July 23, 2010

Jules and the Magic Torch

Yesterday afternoon when I sent brownies to Wee Leng, she casually pointed to me and said, "You don't eat your brownies ha?". The night before, Yeanti had remarked that I may have lost a few pounds. I had told Wee Leng, "I have 3 monsters to deal with everyday!", while to Yeanti I had said, "More veges..."

Well, both responses are true. One, yes, my 3 boys really do wear me down, EVERYDAY!!! Two, since darling husband was diagnosed as type 2 diabetic a couple of months back, we've both been on a diet that has low sugar and more greens, the bitter the better.

I'm no pro cook, nor am I diligent in the kitchen, and cheat I always do. But, I would very much like to share this ultra simple dish with you. If I, the stay at home mom who successfully perfects the art of M.A.S.A.K. (Jules' definition : M=Mommy, A=Always, S=Stops, A=At, K=Kedai to tapau; thanks Aini!) can do it, so can you :)

Jules' Fried Bitter Greens
My basic ingredients are petai (parkia, but I prefer sticking to petai, more character!), bitter gourd (peria katak), red onions, green leaves (my choice is baby kailan), and the Magic element, Torch Ginger or bunga kantan. And, as in all basic cooking, you'll want salt, pepper, chilly and seasonings, which are all based on individual preference. I use anchovy granules and chilly flakes.

So I heat a bit of vegetable oil in the pan and sautee the onions. I don't use garlic here coz I personally don't like it with my torch ginger. Okay, then I put in some anchovy granules, blend well. Once caramelised, I dump in the whole load of petai, bitter gourd and kailan. I let it cook and soften slightly, adding a bit of water to keep it moist, and a drizzle of chilly flakes for taste. Then lastly, I slide in the Magic ingredient, very thinly sliced torch ginger, which on its own adds voluminously to the flavour of this very simple dish. Let it sit for a few seconds and then turn off the heat. Voila! Sap sap soey huh? :)

I also regularly add torch ginger to my salads, the young ones are the best; they make a simple combo of butterhead, romaine and iceberg taste ultra flavourful, and you won't even need any fancy dressing, just a dash of olive oil and vinegar (I use date vinegar) will do. Or when I'm dead lazy, I simply boil some good old tofu, then sprinkle in finely sliced torch ginger. It's all in the Magic Torch... :)

Torch ginger, bitter gourd and petai are traditionally believed to prevent or counter diabetes and other illnesses like high blood pressure and kidney problems, amongst others. You can read more about their medicinal properties in Healing Herbs of Malaysia, published by Felda. But if you are ever uncertain of anything, you must always consult your doctor first.

So yes, I do eat my own brownies, and all the other sinful stuff, durians for one, never do I say no to durians! And then, I find elements that would help to balance out all my unholy indulgence. I also try to eat systematically, meaning, I combine my foods accordingly, and follow the correct process, for example, having fruits first, followed by carbs, then proteins, etc. And, apart from chasing monsters everyday, I try to work up some aeorobics regularly, about 20 minutes everyday, and the simplest way for me is going up and down the stairs. That's all :) Basically, past 40 especially, a lifestyle made up of a balanced diet and regular exercise, is seriously essential. At the end of the day, size 6 or size 14, you must feel good about yourself. What is life after all, if you can't enjoy the things you love? :)


Wiz said...

You both look wonderful! I almost didn't recognize you just now.

Thanks so much for coming Pak Tam and Jules. I truly appreciate it. Tapi agak kesal coz you came when I was on my shift of demonstrating tadi. So tak sempat nak spend time with you.

Did you go to the shop in front of our shop tadi? Ada this natural sugar which does not pack the calories like the normal sugar tu. Mcm menarik je.

Anyway thanks so much again, and I apologize for the time constraint.

JulesMD said...

hi wiz! different? tam la kot, coz dia mmg dah lost a lot of weight! smlm pegi beli jeans baru coz yg lama semua dah longgar2...now dia pakai saiz 32! from 36! woohoo! so, kenalah sang isteri ni match that achievement ek? kang nampak tak balance la pulak dlm gambar, hehe... anyway, it was fun to meet u smlm! tak kisah la kita tak sempat sembang panjang2, important thing is sy mcm bangga sgt tengok awak kat situ layan crowd yg begitu ramai sekali... cool, really cool :)

and yes, i beli stevia tu, manis mcm gula, tapi bukan gula. we must learn to use it in our stuf la ek?

nnt ltr sy post gambar underwear awak ye...!

Wiz said...

Jules, if nak buat kek they have a different type. But they didn't have the type of sugar there that day. They say they will inform me when they have it in stock. Nanti I try and if it works then you can use it in your brownies kan. In cakes they say, mite not be so effective sebab kek tak naik. Brownies ok.

Eh itu bukan spenda saya la hahahaha. Saya yang family tree bear tu.

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