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Monday, October 18, 2010

Marrakesh's 4th Birthday Party

He was supposed to have his birthday party last year, for his 3rd birthday, as did his 2 older brothers, but many things happened circa his birthday, including my mom being unwell, so it was postponed to this year.

We were expecting 70 children with about 100 adults, and we knew we couldn't afford to have it at home, so we sought the help of friends at Sokmo The Cafe. It was hectic, what with puasa, raya, khenduris, weddings, etc., etc., and everything was a rush. But mommy and ayah went all out to make sure that Kekesh gets his overdue birthday party. Needless to say, with family and friends all turning up to make merry, the whole thing turned out just fab, Alhamdulillah :)

Mommy and Ayah did extensive legwork to get everything done, in less than 1 week : do the banner for the photography backdrop, to create the cool toolboxes as the party favors, to find exciting play stuff/activities and decorations to fit the party's "Bob The Builder" theme. Marrakesh had specifically requested for a Bob The Builder party, and it was no easy task to fulfill this wish as Bob The Builder is no longer in season! We went from KL to Shah Alam and then back to Shah Alam again, just to get his balloons! But, what to do, it was what Kekesh wanted :)

As for the wonderful birthday cake, Mommy had earlier asked Mamamin to make it for Kekesh. I told Min that Marrakesh loves yellow bulldozers, and she said that she'll make a Scoop cake for him, and a fab cake it was! The kids loved it, especially the gummies and the smarties/M&Ms around it!

During the party, Ayah was the official photographer, always on standby and ever ready to photograph each guest/family who comes in. And at the end of the party, the kids went home with a toolbox each and the families each got a special photograph with the party's backdrop, as a lasting memento.

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Yusarman N' Natrah Danish said...


nice party.. love it!
if you don't mind kat mana u dpt party item bob the builder tu?
coz my son mmg suka bob..

thanks in advance.


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