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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

We Flew To Kathmandu And Caught The Himalayan View! - Part 7 : Still Sarangkot...

Yesss! I am back here, finally! :)

It's been quite hectic, as usual, but this time it's adjusting to the goons' 2013 school schedules. Priority this year is Esfahan, as he will be sitting for his UPSR in September, the last of the UPSR Mohiccans.

Okay, anyway, without further ado, here's my continuation to our whole wonderful vacay in Nepal last year, in the words of our very own Esfahan. It will be in Bahasa Malaysia, as it is part of his Bahasa Malaysia assignment; he is required to write an essay, in 3 formats, Karangan biasa, Perbualan and Jurnal, so he chose to work on the topic "Percutian Saya Di Nepal".

May I add that before this assignment, I have been drilling Esfahan on his Bahasa Malaysia Penulisan, coz he hasn't been doing too well in this area, since Standard 4! Since this year is more serious, I don't have much choice but to relearn Bahasa Malaysia myself and help him improve as best as he can.

I will start first with Esfahan's "Perbualan" format, which he did about our trip to Sarangkot, so it will actually add on to my last blog entry, which ended at our trip to Sarangkot to watch the beautiful sunrise. Then to finish off this whole "We Flew To Kathmandu And Caught The Himalayan View" story, I will continue in my subsequent entries with his "Jurnal" format. Where I feel like adding some details or elaboration, I will do so in English as I would normally write, to distinguish between Esfahan's original words and mommy's ramblings :)

Esfahan's Karangan Satu : Percutian Saya Di Nepal ~ Dialog/Perbualan.

- Memanggil - menyuruh cepat - bertanya - ke Sarangkot - tiba di situ - berbual - menunggu matahari terbit - mengambil gambar gunung-ganang - sambil mengambil gambar ternampak cahaya - matahari terbit - mengambil gambar - balik ke rumah penginapan - berehat - berbual - tidur.

Ibu : Esfahan! Damascus! Marrakesh! Cepat!

Esfahan : Kita hendak ke mana ibu?

Ibu : Kita hendak ke Sarangkot.

Marrakesh : Mengapa hendak ke Sarangkot?

Ayah : Untuk melihat matahari terbit.

Damascus : Terdapat apa lagi ayah?

Ayah : Kita juga boleh melihat gunung-ganang di sana.

Ibu : Cepatlah, nanti kita tertinggal!

Semua : Jom!

Setiba di Sarangkot...

Marrakesh : Sejuknya di sini!

Ibu : Memanglah, Sarangkot ini agak tinggi dari dasar laut.

Esfahan : Wah, cantiknya pemandangan gunung-ganang ini!

Ayah : Ini adalah Banjaran Annapurna. Gunung yang mempunyai puncak yang tajam di atasnya itu adalah "Fish Tail" atau Ekor Ikan.

Esfahan : Oh, itu rupanya namanya.

Damascus : Saya hendak mengambil gambar gunung-ganang ini, bolehkah ayah?

Ayah : Boleh, nah, ambillah gambar Banjaran Annapurna itu.

Damascus : Terima kasih ayah!

Beberapa minit berlalu...

Marrakesh : Lama lagikah sehingga matahari terbit?

Ibu : Sekejap sahaja lagi.

Damascus : Eh, mengapa semua orang memandang ke sana?

Esfahan : Cepatlah, matahari sedang terbit!

Damascus : Benarkah? Jom lihat!

Mereka melihat...

Marrakesh : Betullah, ia sedang terbit.

Damascus : Wah, cantiknya pemandangan ini!

Esfahan : Betul, memang cantik.

Masa berlalu...

Ayah : Jom semua, kita perlu balik.

Esfahan, Damascus, Marrakesh : Baiklah.

Ibu : Sudahkah kamu mengambil gambar matahari terbit itu tadi?

Ayah : Sudah, mari balik.

Di rumah penginapan (malam)...

Esfahan : Hebatkan di Sarangkot tadi?

Damascus : Ya abang. Saya suka apabila kita melihat matahari terbit.

Marrakesh : Betul, saya pun suka pemandangan matahari dan gunung di Sarangkot tadi.

Esfahan : Cukuplah, selamat malam!

Damascus, Marrakesh : Selamat malam abang!


To be continued with the rest of the days in Pokhara, and our trip back to Kathmandu/Bhaktapur, through Esfahan's writing in his "Jurnal" format... :)

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