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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Re-Introducing the JMD Lulu Bags in Full Leather!

Yes, my dream has finally come true! My latest range of Lulu Bags are now finely handcrafted in super grade leather, ensuring better quality to complement my very own personal design.

Since my first Houndstooth Lulu Bag, I had been looking for better quality fabrics and workmanship which would give my darling Lulu that rich look and elegant structure that I have dreamt of for her. I designed my Lulu as a bucket bag, with a structure that would enable her to sit or stand nicely when not held, and she is supposed to exude a classic yet contemporary elegance to her wearer in various situations be it at a formal event, an elegant soiree, a casual hi-tea or simply out shopping.

Unlike my Betsey Bag whose natural appearance is meant to be soft and cute, without any firm structure, which is more of a lazy bag that you joyfully wear for an evening out and that you just slump beside you while you're enjoying dinner or coffee with friends, my Lulu Bag needed more to do her justice.

All around I went with my prototype and detail specs asking about fabrics and workmanship, and everywhere around KL the response I got was a reluctant shake of the head noting that it was not something they could perfectly achieve. So I searched outside Malaysia, always considering the various factors of materials, quality, workmanship, lead time, delivery, duties and levies. Finally I found my magic in Indonesia.

They looked at my prototype, went through my detail specs, discussed with their production team and calmly returned with a pleasant smile, "Bisa buk." Yesss! Alhamdulillah :)

I chose their finest super grade leather and finalised my colour specs. I also chose to combine fine leather with black patent leather; I have always loved black patent leather, I think it exudes class and elegance. I also wanted to give this Lulu a coin purse instead of an outer zipped pocket, because I find that sometimes an outer pocket would result in an unsightly bulge if you fill it with your keys and coins. So a cute little detachable purse was designed and created; it can be hooked to one of the handles or kept in the bag or used on its own.

I know I am not Marc Jacobs, Coach, Michael Kors, Kate Spade or such, and I do realise that it will not be easy to create a vast appeal for my JMD brand. During my groundwork, some of the responses I received were, "Are you sure? I think people won't buy your handbags lah, they'd rather spend their money on well known brands like Coach or Furla.", "You should consider not printing your brand because people may not want to wear your bags with your name on them.", "Expensive, and you are not Lulu Guinness!".

Well, everyone has to start somewhere, right? I cannot compare myself to those famous brands, but I can try to do my best, if I don't try I will never know. Like Paula Deen said, "I started my business when I was 42, so if I can do it anyone can." I don't cook like Paula Deen, but I can design and create bags and tins and boxes and fabrics and gifts and desserts. So the best I can do is try. Much time was spent studying, researching, consulting and experimenting. I do faithfully believe in His will and blessing, He gave me the talent, He gave me the opportunities, He cleared my path towards the many people who would help me to achieve my dreams, He showed me the way and He allowed me to see, Alhamdulillah.

So, yes, I know it will not be easy, but I will definitely do my best to share the joy that my JMD Lulu Bag brings me, with those who appreciate JMD and everything Jules. I have been proud to be Malaysian thus far, so I must be proud to showcase my Malaysian brand on my products. While the prospects are quite daunting, I must be confident and brave to measure myself against my more established foreign counterparts, and I cannot sell myself short. Zang Toi and Jimmy Choo started from the outside in, so I'll just have to try to do it from the inside out. I must trust. Hopefully one day, when JMD Kuala Lumpur finally makes her debut in New York and London, this trust will grow to a wider reach, InsyaAllah.

And JMD is original, not imitation.

The Hot Pink and Caribbean Blue Full Leather Lulu Bags are finely handcrafted by the finest leather craftsmen of Indonesia, with my own personal design and supervision. My bags are not mass produced; this batch of Hot Pink and Caribbean Blue with Black Patent is produced in a exclusive limited quantity only, as a special re-introduction edition, so this colour combination will not be repeated in the nearest future. I believe that these darling Lulu Bags are justly priced, based on design, craftsmanship, materials used and all other relevant operational costs. I am after all a business enterprise :)

Finally, with the trust and support from family and friends, and the unconditional love of my 4 darling men, my dream has come true, my Lulu Bag in full handcrafted leather is now a reality, Alhamdulillah.

Please browse JMD Kuala Lumpur, thank you... xox :)


Amilita Zaini said...

Very very nice! And I have seen your other leather satchels and slingbags. Very nice also! Will keep this brand in mind whenever I need to get another bag! :)

Jules said...

Thank you Amilita :)

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