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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Viva Vietnam! 25-30 November 2014 : Ho Chi Minh City-Da Lat-Mekong Delta ~ Day 3

Da Lat ~ In 27/11/14, Out 29/11/14, 2 Days and 2 Nights

Day 3

It was some years back when I first came across Da Lat. I must have been browsing through popular travel sites and Da Lat popped out. What caught my attention was the lovely hotels, the beautiful flower gardens and that it was highland cold, Le Petit Paris. And of course the Crazy House is one of the city's main attractions.

When we were considering Vietnam for our enrichment trip, many things had to be considered, more importantly time and cost. So, to justify Da Lat, I went on to research as much as possible, balancing out everything.

There were the history of the French and the minority mountain tribes, the nature sites and activities, the Crazy House and then I discovered XQ Historical Village, which sealed the deal!

So, on 27/11/2014, we checked out from Au Lac Hotel HCMC, left our big luggage there, and caught a taxi to the airport for the domestic departure via VietJet. Booking VietJet tickets online was as easy as booking AirAsia tickets. We arrived safely in Da Lat around midday and went straight to the Hoang Loc Villa. We had had food at the HCMC airport before departure, so we were not hungry. So after settling in, we headed out on foot to find the XQ Historical Village. They told us that it was about 2km away and would be a pleasant walk. Well, I guess the people in Da Lat are so used to walking uphill and downhill, walking 2 km is pleasant to them. For us, it was quite a task, which eventually paid off once we reached our destination.

I have never been to a place so pretty and so lovely and just simply so wonderful like that, I had practically found my paradise on earth! And since the village was well landscaped, we could only feel the coolness of Da Lat's mountain air, as the sun barely made it through. Even my 4 boys were delighted with our latest find, never once did they indicate that it was too girly a place. The beautiful ladies who produce all the beautiful silk embroidery were all elegantly dressed in silk Ao Dai, and all spoke softly and gently. It was really like being in heaven! I wish I could be there everyday, amidst all the beautiful things, producing all that beautiful work. We spent the whole afternoon there, and left at closing time when it was almost dark. There is a wonderful boutique here that sells things other than the silk embroidery art pieces, like shawls, silk fabrics, silk Ao Dai, silk dresses, etc., and I got myself the tiniest bit of embroidered item from XQ, something my budget and practicality permitted, just to remind me of the wonderful time I had there :)

More things on Day 4, we discover the natural products of Da Lat, and then it's Weeeeeeeeeeeee all the way at the waterfalls and some wild fun at the Crazy House! Stay tuned! xox

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