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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jules' Latest... packaging for JulesChewies and other gift ideas...

Tadaaa! Here's the latest prototype of JulesChewies packaging, for a 10cm diametre x 6cm height cardboard canister.
The houndstooth motif is one of my all time favourites, alongside fishnet, argyle, lace and the basic polka dot. It brings me back to the heydays of the 50s-70s and to Vintage Dior. My mom once had a black and white Dior houndstooth scarf, that she would wear as a hairband on her omega shaped hairstyle. And when she wasn't using it, I would wrap it around myself and pretended I was supermodel of the year! Hehe... Anyway, I intend to produce JulesChewies in cinnamon (lavender), coffee (tan), mint (green), orange (tangerine) and oatmeal (blue)...

As with many Jules' products and packaging, eg JulesFudgyTins, JulesAddiction Tins & Boxes, JulesChewies would also make attractive doorgifts and favors, and the above are samples of how Jules could work for you, eg. favor for Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Weddings. And always true to Jules' signature style, everything can be exclusively personalised... :)

As I was going along updating my designs, I realised that I have 2 major inclinations : one for bold black&whites, the other for vintage and rustic gold hues. So, to make things more streamlined, Jules designs will be categorised into 2 main groups :
Contemporary ~ for designs in hues of bold black&white with other colours
Classic ~ for designs in hues of gold, bronze and pastels

I hope to be able to make a sneak preview of JulesChewies, both the goodies and the canister, soon, hopefully this weekend, maybe starting with my Cinnamon and Coffee Chewies. Please stay tuned for updates.

Thank you all Jules family, friends and patrons for your very kind and continued support, and for keeping your faith in everything Jules :)

And thank you Tangerine, for always being so nice :)


The Stakeholder said...


Been meaning to leave my comment since you introduced juleschewies but as usual, was swamped. but in any case, LOOKING FORWARD to it. (i'll go over for quality control tasting - hee hee).

to everyone out there who's reading, if you've tasted jules' sinfully delicious brownies, i can guarantee that her chewies will be equally great. anything that she bakes is vunderbarr to me, and i'm fussy as heck. and honestly, to me, biasness aside, she's the original and i go nowhere else for these little wonders.

jules, am going to order your chewies soon. will text ya!


JulesMD said...

hehe...tq, tq...well, my kids are my best critics, they tell me outright sedap ke, too sweet ke, too bitter ke, and so far, alhamdulillah, they've no complaints. but it's all a matter of preference la kan? so, i truly hope i'll be able to spread more joy and cheer around thru my latest chewies! :)

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