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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

JulesDelightfulness for February 2011...

Hellooooo... I hope the new year's been good for you so far. January is proving to be a bit busy for me, with family stuff and all, so I'm setting February to start promoting new and exciting Jules offerings, insyaAllah.

I love February! Yes, of course I do, coz every 16th of February I'll be reminded of how blessed my life is :)

My birth stone is amethyst, the colour I so love, so I guess that's why all my life I've always had purple around me. If it were purely up to me, everything would be in purple hues! Hehe...

But I actually also love the earth tones, warm and elegant. So, for Jules offerings this coming February 2011, you will have the choice of Jules Classic or/and Contemporary ranges...

JulesAddiction Tins&Boxes ~ Contemporary

JulesAddiction Tins&Boxes ~ Classic

Wonderful, rich, milk and white chocolates in assorted flavours, Coconut, Mango and Pineapple (white), to be packed in the respective JulesAddiction Tins&Boxes

JulesDelightfulness this February 2011, Assorted Chocolates in JulesAddiction Tins&Boxes Contemporary or Classic, start from RM20.00 onwards. Or, you can just have the tins&boxes and fill them up with gifts of your fancy :)

Please sms or email me at 016-2712114 or juliemd@yahoo.com for more details. Thank you! :)


The Stakeholder said...

happy new year, my fren!! good stuff ahead of us, i'm sure, insyaAllah.

and fuyo, i just heard julio iglesias singing in bahasa. coolness... terror gak mamat tu sing phonetically, huh?

JulesMD said...

hallo gefren, hope u had enuf rest before starting this 2011; insyaAllah we'll all hv gud weather ahead of us throughout the year :)

gud way to start the year, hearing the legendary latin lover belting it out in our mother tongue huh? well, sister mother tongue :)... mcm semakin maju bangsa ek?

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