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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Love & Hope for Mother's Day 2011

My eldest son Esfahan loves origami. I don't quite remember when it started, but it was quite earlier on, when he was about 4 I think. His favourite is the crane; he told me that if he made 1000 cranes, then he could make a wish and it would come true!

So when I told him that I've decided to showcase the ancient Japanese art in my 2011 Mother's Day gift, to pay homage to the victims and survivors of the recent Fukushima tsunami and to show our greatest support in their rebuilding efforts, he couldn't be more thrilled. He quickly took out his great big book of origami and started showing me all the objects he could make for me.

The Fukushima tsunami was one of the greatest natural devastations the world had ever seen, and it impacted not only the people of Japan, but also the entire world. And it wasn't just about another tsunami, it was also about how a nation stood strong, unified and composed in dealing with adversity.

As a mother, I want my children to make an example of the valour and optimism shown by the Japanese people, that they (my sons) must learn to address life's great challenges with courage and dignity, always keeping their faith in the Almighty. As a daughter, this is a chance for me to express gratitude to my beloved mother who has selflessly given me love and hope, with courage and dignity throughout my whole 41 years.

So I told Esfahan, let's make it sweet and simple, let's just make the heart and the crane, and our gift concept for this year's Mother's Day shall be "Ai To Nozomi" (pronounced Ai Tok Nozomi), or "Love and Hope" ... :)

Handmade journal/album ~ the perfect gift for Mum, to immortalise her most cherished thoughts and memories, @RM50.00. Upon confirmation of order, I will personalise the journal/album with recipient's name and simple deco that best suits the recipient.

Petra canister ~ a therapeutic eye mask to help Mum refresh and rejuvenate, @RM28.00.

Jordan canister ~ a wonderful eye cushion to help Mum sleep better, @RM25.00.

I use Japanese origami paper to cover the journal/album, while my Petra and Jordan canisters are altered using wrapping paper with a Japanese feel. All the origami hearts and cranes are made by Esfahan using Japanese origami paper. And since it's basically about Japan and our support towards its rebuilding efforts, what better than to complete the whole packaging with dainty plastic bags and ribbon I found at my favourite Japanese store, Daiso. Last but not least, a signature Jules gift card, with a little touch of Japan and a brief writeup about Jules' "Love & Hope".

I hope you will like "Love & Hope" and share them with the special people in your lives. Mothers, Aunts, Sisters, Friends...a Mother need not be biological to be the best Mum, it's all about the fab Love & Hope that she pours unto us all. And, it's always the simple things that make life most meaningful, insyaAllah... :)

Note : Please email to julesmdaud2@gmail.com, preferably before 10am 2 May 2011, to order your Jules' "Love & Hope" Mother's Day gift/s. Available while stock lasts.

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