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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Celebrating with the Kins!

It's darling husband's birthday today, so we had both families over, and like all kins' get togethers, it meant loads of carbs, sugar and fun laughter! And, Damascus got to have another round of birthday candles, this time with all his cousins :)

For this round's celebration, Damascus had specially ordered his Tok Mama's butter cake. Initially he had wanted a "Generator Rex" birthday party, but he changed his mind yesterday and asked for "SpongeBob" instead. So, when Tok Mama arrived with her butter cake this morning, mommy improv-ed and somehow turned it into a "SpongeBob". For Ayah, it was mommy's simplest brownie, mainly due to sugar issues; but as simple as it may be, it was made with loads of love nonetheless :)

Ayah's party favours were Jules' favourite cheese stix and SinarFM's stickers, hehehe... :)

And for the kids, always something special, of course :)

Food was Arabian, from one of our favourite restaurants nearby, and the hottest on the menu was my guys' favourite lamb mendy and lamb samosa, and mommy's hommus tahinah of course.

Alhamdulillah, it is always a blessing to have the families together although not everyone could be there, and nothing beats seeing all the cousins playing and laughing together :)


Wiz said...

I love what you did for the two boys, the cute party bags and party tins too. You also gave me an idea what colour suits a peachy deco.

Jules, awak punya presents and saya punya brg sekarang kat Kulim Kedah. I dont know when I will get them. Nak tunggu kaka pak Nip gi amik, but tak tau bila.

Got your bday presents and pak tam's too. I forgot dah apa benda yg I sumbat dlm tu.

JulesMD said...

hi wiz, colour peach n blue roses tu my client yang request, sweet kan the combination? as for the boys's goody bag tu, that's the most practical idea lah, esp when u hv 3 kids who can't really decide what they actually want, multiple parties, n when u jugaklah yg kena clean up after! :)...our presents tu don't worry la wiz, bila dah tua2 ni yg lebih penting r ur thots n doa; tapi gifts tu bonus yg bagus jugak lah, esp if it's fr a land far far away! hehe... :)

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