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Friday, August 19, 2011

Spreading Jules further...

Phewh! It's been very hectic! Amidst teaching and encouraging my 2 younger boys, Damascus and Marrakesh, to fast this Ramadhan, and in between colds, coughs, fevers, sleeples nights, deadlines have been met thus far and everyone is happy, Alhamdulillah.

This year, for Hari Raya, though I haven't been promoting my JulesFudgylicliousness and JulesDelightfulness, they are still very much available of course, and I'm well underway producing them for my darling patrons. This year I've been more promoting my latest collaboration with Kerepek La, which is Hadiyaa. So far the response has been quite encouraging, so I'm feeling quite hopeful.

At the same time, I've created Hidangan Seperah, a venue that offers a wide array of local dishes. It all started when I had to create recipe cards as part of the contents of a very special gift pack. And who do I turn to for superb local recipes that have been vouched for and acknowledged for over 30 years? Mother-In-Law of course :)

She has been cooking for so long, says darling husband, for school canteens, for weddings, for khenduris, and these days she caters to the demanding palettes of some very colourful people at the Astro Cafe. Her catering service, Dapur Semanggol, also provides a wide array of local dishes to corporate functions and meetings. I for one love her Soto Ayam, and her most popular tea time offering is the famous Cucoq Kembong + Sambal Ikan Bilis, which is a northern favourite. But the one she's singularly loved for is her Rendang Masak Hitam.

There is also the famous Roti Jang by Signor Del Mundo and friends. I had their Roti Jang Luarbiasa for buka puasa yesterday, and it was simply amazing! The beef had tomato ketchup on it, while the chicken had chilli sauce; the combinations were just brilliant. What impressed me most about Roti Jang is the genuine passion that goes into making them. You should hear how Del Mundo, or Fahd, talks about his Roti Jang; of course he may have developed that passionate flair when he studied the Italian language in Perugia some years ago, but anyone can see that he has great faith in his Roti Jang. I surely do.

I'm still building my contents for Hidangan Seperah, and I believe that Dapur Semanggol and Roti Jang are a good start. I look for things that are purely local, be it Malay, Chinese, Indian or Dan Lain-Lain, and most importantly they have to be "Sedaaaaap!" :)

So, as I spread Jules' reach further with the creation of Hadiyaa and Hidangan Seperah, I also intensify my relationship with Kerepek La and The Tangerine Group, as I strive to produce better things and create greater impacts, InsyaAllah.

I sincerely thank all Jules family, friends and patrons for your undying support and for always believing in everything Jules.

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