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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

We Flew To Kathmandu And Caught The Himalayan View - Part 2 : Off We Go!

We initially planned to call the taxi to take us to the airport, but we decided that the RM200+ for the family car was a bit too expensive. Since we were going in the morning and the kids were all up and cheery, we opted for the less expensive LCCT Skybus; the rm200+ we'd save for our ride home on our return leg coz that would be very late at night and by then the boys would be too tired and sleepy to walk. The boys had taken the Skybus before for our trip to Bali and they really enjoyed the ride. So my sister dropped us at KL Sentral and we 5 headed for the bus. Just a note, when travelling with kids especially, it really is more practical to have luggage that can do the 360 degree spin.

When we approached the Skybus counter we noticed the KLIA Transit; it could get us to LCCT with a transfer at Salak Tinggi at a very reasonable RM12.50 each. The boys hadn't been on this train before so we figured what best time to try. The entire journey from KL Sentral to LCCT took us not more than 1 hour and it was quite easy as there were elevators, ramps and staff to help with our luggage.

After we checked in and had breakfast, we had ample time to make our way to the boarding gate. Thank God for technology, pretty much everything can be arranged and confirmed at home via internet so there's no airport hassle, and this is most convenient when you have 3 goons tagging along!

So, with a prayer we boarded the plane and started dreaming Kathmandu! :)

At KL Sentral waiting for our KLIA Transit Train...

Ready to board!

It's a 4.5hour journey, so after makan, zzzzzzzzz...

Okay, just to summarize things a bit, the key points for travelling to Nepal for the first time, especially a family like us, would be :

1) Nepal Book by Lonely Planet
You must definitely get this and read it as it is the best reference to travelling in Nepal, or read it online. WIFI there is pretty slow, so we were so glad we had the book in hand.

View of Kathmandu Valley from the plane...

2) Health, Meds, Immunizations
Especially important if you're travelling with young children or if you have any medical conditions. Do check with your doctor or paediatrician about how to prepare for the trip. In case of emergency, there are various hospitals in the Kathmandu Valley, you can refer to the book or online here. In Bhaktapur very near to where we stayed, there is the Dr. Iwamura Memorial Hospital & Research Center . For our travel, I especially packed a bottle each of Augmentin, Ibuprofen and Rhinathiol Promethazine for the boys; I also brought their probiotics, some paracetamol, Bena Expectorant and the stuff that's always in a first aid kit.

A typical pharmacy in Nepal...

3) Hygiene
Bring enough antibacterial wet wipes, facial wipes and hand sanitizers. Most of the places around Kathmandu and Pokhara are very dusty, so it may not so much be about keeping hygiene, you may just want to clean your hands and face most of the time. I did.

The very busy traffic...

The dusty surrounding...

4) Clothes
Depending on when you're travelling, you should pack accordingly. Our experience in November was that it's okay during the day because the sun is out, so you can walk around in jeans and t-shirt as long as you stay in the sun; if you're indoors or in the shade you may need a cardigan or shawl coz they don't use indoor heatering. But at night it could get very cold outside, so I always packed our warm stuff in our backpacks just in case we are out till after sundown.

5) Visa
This can be done at the Nepal Embassy at home (Malaysia, @USD30) or at the Tribhuvan Airport upon arrival @USD25, and you'll need a passport photo (they have the auto photo kiosks at the airport).

Just arrived at Tribhuvan International Airport...

The line for foreigners' Visa application...We arrived on Deepavali which was a public holiday, so the immigration counters were short handed as many staff were on leave...

6) Cash In Hand
There are many ATMs around Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Pokhara, but you may want to have about 1000-5000Rupees or USD equivalent upon arrival, for a taxi to take you to your hotel.

So, till the next episode, take care and think happy thots! xox :)

To be continued...

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