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Friday, June 26, 2009

Jules at Sekolah Islam Adni Bazaar with KerepekLa

Hi there, hope everyone's fine and well...It's been rather sad about Michael Jackson; guess his songs will now be "Michael Jackson's Greatest Hits"...And Farrah Fawcett...she was indeed very strong, having battled cancer for as long as she did... I will remember them both with fond memories of growing up... :)

Tomorrow, Saturday, 27 June 2009, Sekolah Islam Adni will be organising a charity bazaar at their premise near Taman Sri Ukay along Jalan Ulu Kelang. My KerepekLa friends, Ann, Helena and Linda, are having a booth there, and they were kind enough to invite me to squat with them to sell my JulesFudgies! I may have some of my tins too, though I may not be there all the way from 8.30am-4.30pm coz I have a very tight gift deadline for the following day.

I've managed to alter a few of KerepekLa's boxes from their previous stock, just to share some very simple ideas of how you can turn an old box into something new and exciting. There are actually so many ways to decorate boxes to make them unique and exclusive, as well as fun too; but it all depends on your budget, your preference and the time that you have. They should be clearing these boxes (sans alteration/deco) off at irresistable prices at tomorrow's bazaar. Anyone keen on getting these boxes should visit them tomorrow. And, of course, there'll be Ann's yummy yummy chocolate chip cookies.

Old Dark Green Raya Box...

Last Raya's Silver Box with Black Handle...

Turquoise Box...


Wiz said...

Great job on the boxes Jules! You can always turn something so plain and boring to something fun and exciting!

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

boleh la sikit-sikit...thanks wiz :)

The Stakeholder said...

hi there jules, never got the opportunity to thank you publicly for the "job" you had done for us, the asia oil and gas conference organizing committee in PETRONAS.

thanks so much for your creativity, relentless effort and commitment, the AOGC hospitality welcome pack meant for our VVIPs who visit during the conference were delivered on time, as usual. we can always count on you! we are pleased with the outcome and even more pleased that we got some notes from the VIPs who said it was a pleasurable indulgence.

i had meant to write our thanks to you via the blogsite but kengkadang, our system ni ala2 ada firewall. this is a rare opportunity for me to write so tu lah tu.

the accolades are well deserved by both you and wiz. it's a collaboration which should continue toward greater success and PETRONAS is definitely proud in putting a statement at the end of our VIP message card "PETRONAS - in support of Malaysian Talents"

as i had told wiz, i sincerely hope this makes your day and we look forward to working with you and wiz again soon. (and, as i had told wiz gak - tak sia sia aku jual idea ni kat committee bagai nak "ghak!" hahahaha.)

warmest regards, on behalf of the AOGC organizing committee 2009 and your childhood friend,


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