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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jules is Mad About Ribbons!

Yess! I've certainly gone berserk about ribbons! I found these gorgeous, simply delicious ribbons on one of my routine scouting trips with Ann and Helena of Kerepek La today. I bought a few to try, so, I'm all pumped up now for my future tin and box decorating, or "altering" (the term used by professional scrappers and handicrafters), projects.

In the meantime, remember that simple orange box that is on sale? It still is, and here are a few very elementary decorating ideas...

This one is a bit more elaborate...I used acid free paper and self-adhesive felt die cut art strips from ScrappingGlitz, with a fiore noir and the noir velvet ribbons I bought earlier today...

...Voila! A completely different and undeniably striking look!...Wouldn't you want to cherish this "Pheasant Pride" keepsake box? :)


Wiz said...

Jules, how long will you have those boxes in store? I think I want to order three la for now. DOn't have any plans yet but just in case.

Anyway, habis borong sumer ribbon dah? Nanti ada orang lain borong nanti, tension awak plaks kah kah kah.

I like the black one so much.

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

wiz, i can't really say how long i'll have the boxes, maybe till july kot. i'll keep 3 for you. abt the ribbons, i almost lost my mind and wanted to borong everything! but, because wallet pun is very thin (sad, sad, very sad...!), i had to refrain myself and step back to reality...tak tension la... hee hee. yup, the black one is memang so cool, but wiz, you should see the ribbons yourself la, there are rolls and rolls of seriously gorgeous ribbons! aaaa!!!

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