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Monday, June 29, 2009

Jules has a new toy!

...the Black&Decker Compact Drill & Screwdriver...!

My father duly equipped me with DIY skills before I ventured out on my own. And, just like him, I'm a real sucker for cool tools :). This latest one was adoringly presented to me yesterday by darling husband, who gladly lets me take care of the Handy Manny works around the house! Ya, well, it was on promotional sale he said...sigh, that's my mommy life for me! I guess I'll start with the two cupboard doors in the kitchen; they came off after Damascus and Marrakesh decided to use them as monkey bars...sigh...boys...I guess I'll be handy mommy until they're all grown enough for me to pass on the skills to them... Wishful thinking? Hmmm....

Anyway, apart from the bazaar at Adni, I was also busy with a few gifts last weekend...
...a 2 tier box with handle; the bottom tier had a pelikat while the top tier had an assortment of chocolates...for La, thank you :)

...for Giftmagique for Microsoft...hope everyone had fun!

One thing I MUST start to re-learn soon (I MUST! I MUST!), before this year's Syawal, is making the sarung ketupat, coz they make the best deco and frills during Raya! This batch of ketupat casing was made by friends (yes, I am indeed very blessed, Alhamdulillah), for one of my gifts in early June 2009.

...so cool huh?...sarung ketupat with sweets and tidbits :)

I am currently trying to propose a special presentation of JulesFudgyliciousness and JulesDelightfulness, for this year's Raya. I'm still browsing everywhere possible to find something that I hope everyone will like...something that will make everyone happy and bring great Raya joy! Hopefully I'll find it, soon... :)


Wiz said...

I have no doubt you will find it soon. A creative person like you makes a pile of garbage look like they are stuff from harrods!

Eh jom gi kedai ribbon sesama?

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

wiz, thanks...i nak buat tin and boxes cam harrods nye, but at a fraction of the price! so that semua orang boleh enjoy :)!

yup, one of these days i'll take you and nadhrah gi shopping riben ya...

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