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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jules WIP for Feb2010


Alhamdulillah, the charity bazaar at Great Eastern Mall last weekend, organised by the fab ladies of Soroptimist International Club Ampang, went very well, and I can't be more pleased with the very encouraging response I received... :) Thank you all Jules family, friends, patrons, and new friends & patrons!

But, soon as the bazaar ended, I was back to mommy duty, nursing, and doctoring, my sick boys, who, to the naked eye looked far from sick - jumping and running around without any care in the world. Oh, but they were unwell : Damascus had right middle lobe pneumonia while Esfahan and Marrakesh were developing the same thing. Fortunately mommy had taken them to good old Doc V in the nick of time! We escaped hospitalisation only on the basis that the boys were not having fever or constant vomitting. So, with 6 types of meds to be ingested and 2 inhaled, mommy was strictly round the clock with all 3 boys, not to mention physio.

Then, as if that wasn't bad enough, Esfahan had very bad food poisoning on Tuesday and he spent a good 5 hours just throwing up all the isotonic, hydration salts and young coconut water that mommy gave! Poor thing, he was almost like an old kitchen rag, until dear old ayah took him to the doc's. After some colimix, Esfahan stopped vomitting and managed to fall asleep, exhausted from all that vomitting and purging. He woke up about 2 hours later asking for KFC! So, phewh, alhamdulillah, that ended well.

Today, after 4 days of mc, all 3 boys are back in school, and I have about 20 minutes more before my second chauffer duty of the day.

It has indeed been a very challenging few days, with huge backlogs in Jules. I have some WIPs for February, namely Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, and my big 40(!), which I am crazily itching to share with you, but they have yet to be fine tuned before the actual reveal... And, my APPLE plate is almost coming to the end of its debut, thanks to all wonderfully loyal patrons of Jules - the next few hours will be a baking marathon! :)!

And, all those fab folks who got my Jules Reusable/Shopping Bag at the recent bazaar, I hope you utilise it well; please remember to have it with you everytime you're out shopping ya... :)

A piu tardi... ciao ciao e molto grande bacione... :)

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