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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Mother's Day! 9 May 2010

I know I'm gonna be very busy this Sunday, not just celebrating moms, but also celebrating kids' birthdays, baby showers, etc. So, I'll make my Mother's Day wish a little early... :)

To all the Moms out there, I wish you a very Happy Mother's Day! Like Oprah says, being a mom, especially a stay-at-home one, is the hardest job in the world! I agree with her not because I'm a stay-at-home-&-work-from-home-mom myself, but because at home, we can't pay the people to listen to us!

Consider this scenario : "Esfahan, Mommy is household director, and I'm offering you RM1,000.00/mth to manage all the upkeep&maintenance of our house, which includes doing the dishes, cleaning the bathrooms, sweeping&mopping every room, etc... Disobedience will mean immediate termination of service and automatic eviction from this house.".... Ha, ha, ya, right!

And believe me when I say that, the morning rush hour, the insane search for a parking space, the crazy rundown of the day's/week's appointments, the horrifying fights with vendors to meet deliver on time, the desperate screaming at staff/team members to meet deadlines, they're all far more "peaceful" stress than the frustrating struggle to get your goons to nap when you tell them to, or play in their play area instead of around your living room cum workstation, or to just STOP FIGHTING & STOP CRYING!!! Especially when you don't have a helper or a maid...

He, he...

Nevertheless, all Moms are heroes! Because, while they're planning their monthly accounts closing or presenting their cases in court, they're also thinking about their kids' exams and the extra classes they'll need, their kids' music lessons, their kids' routine checkup with the paedi, the grocery she needs to get, the washing machine that needs to be repaired, the laundry that's piling up, the cat that needs food and booster jab, their husbands who need their TLC...

Moms are also heroes, because at the point when she's dilated to almost 10cm, and then when the baby is almost crowning, the main thing she's praying for is not only that the baby makes it, but that she also makes it, so that she can take care of her baby, and her other children who still depend greatly on her for their wellbeing. She's also telling her husband that, if anything happens to her, he must swear that he'll take good care of the children, like she would, and that if he doesn't, she promises him that her ghost will come to haunt him for the rest of his life!

Moms are heroes, because when their kids are sick, moms would lose sleep, holding their babies in their arms and whispering to them words of encouragement and comfort, ensuring that Mommy will always be there to take care of them and that there's nothing to fear, because Mommy is here...

Moms are heroes, because when their kids come home with sad news that they didn't do well in their exams, or they didn't win a competition, Mommy is actually the one who would hurt the most, but then, she would quickly gather back her strength and pass it on to her kids, so that they will get back on the horse and take on the challenges of the world, bravely all over again!

Moms are heroes, because they would keep 2,3 jobs, just so that their kids get to go to the college of their dreams and achieve their ambitions.

Oh, I can go on and on and on, about all the fabulous moms of the world...

My Mama has been my hero for 40 years, my sister too has been my hero. I can only hope that I can be at least half as good a mom as they have been...

Being Mommy has been the greatest blessing for me, Alhamdulillah...

For the moms who are less blessed, those who have let fear overcome their love for their babies until they are driven to kill their own innocent little angels and left them to rot, only to be found too late by strangers, only God can show them the light, not to repeat the same mistake; and I can only hope that others in the same predicament will not make the same mistake. The mistake is yours, not the child's; and when things seem to be at their darkest point, I believe that God will always show us the light, if we ask Him...always. Then, always, insyaAllah, you will see and take the right path...

I know that I am not the best Mom in the universe, but I know that I am the best Mommy for my 3 wonderfully, impossibly, adorable goons... and I love them the most :)

I especially dedicate this song to my darling Mama, it's called "Tidurlah Intan". I love this song, I just so love this song. And this is the only version I can find right now to share with you. When I was a child she used to sing this to me all the time, to lull me to sleep. And when I had my 3 boys, she sang it to all of them too. Oh, by the way, you should know that Mama was a keroncong queen during her college days, and my father used to accompany her on the guitar in the band :). Anyway, I remember once, when I was in confinement after Esfahan, I was lying in bed with my ultra uncomfortable bengkong and my thick socks, she was helping me to put Esfahan down, and she sang this song...it was so lovely, especially because I could here the sincere love in her tone... Esfahan fell asleep soundly, and so did I! I hope you'll feel the love too :)

Tidurlah intan, tidurlah tambatan jiwa
Hari sudah larut pejamkanlah mata
Tidurlah intan, tidurlah pualam bunda
Jangan bermain juga bergurau tertawa.
Ibu t’lah penat asyik bernyanyi nyanyi
Menidurkanmu anakku jauhari
Tidurlah intan, tidurlah kekasih hati
Esok hari kita bergurau kembali.

Once again, and not just to mothers, but also aunts, grandmas, grandaunts, Happy Mother's Day! Those who do not have their Mamas to celebrate with, don't be sad, go get your next best mom, ie your mom-in-law, grandma, aunt, sister, friend, and celebrate with them! We have so much love in all of us, so share...Wherever our moms may be, we know that she'll always be deep within our hearts, with us all the time... :)

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