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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jules 1st actual Wedding Brownie!


Sooooorrrrrrryyyyyyyy for the long silence, but, yes, it has been hectic. Well, it started when my router went kaput after a really bad lightning storm; our WIFI went MIA and since I didn't know how to config it to LAN, I went mobile for a few days, and being on mobile, it's not easy to update blogs. Bad excuse, ya I know, but that's the real story. And after En Amir Emran remedied our WIFI situation, things just got really hectic, and so on and so on... :)

Anyway, I've been up to several very fun and exciting projects, but to break the silence, here's JulesFudgyliciousness latest creation... A special 3 recipe brownie with fondant for a wedding in white + apple green (photo by Nora Khatin). I'll post more photos soon, after darling husband returns from his company trip on Tuesday insyaAllah, coz whatever pictures I took, are in his camera, which is now with him in Bali... :)

Thank you Nora, for having faith in me; frankly speaking, I didn't know I could actually do this... :)


wiz said...

I love it!

Zaiton said...

cantiknya!!!! i wan i wan! good job julie.

eila said...

kak juli,way to gooo..cantiklah kek ni..luv it!!!

Lots of luv,

JulesMD said...

wiz, i hv a fab guidance counselor...tq :)

zai, eila...tq, alhamdulillah... simple2 tu boleh la, insyaAllah. baby's breath tu yg buat nampak berseri sebenarnye :)!

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