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Cynthia Kersey has been writing about Unstoppable People for over a decade and found that living an unstoppable life always involves giving. People who give and are involved in a purpose that is greater than themselves are the happiest people and live the richest and most meaningful lives imaginable...

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lights, Camera, aaaaaand... ACTION!!!

So Heska sent me an SOS last Friday, asking for a molto speciale brownie for her boss, Tangerine Picture's very talented Bobby Husaini. I call him Tuan Bobby, coz I like the sound of it. Heska emailed me some visuals of how she'd like the brownie to look and feel, and though I had this thot in my mind, "Babe, you've got this thing about 0 size timelines huh?", I nevertheless said "A OK", coz I'm sure all the Tangerine folks feel the same way everytime I step into their office! Hehehehe...

So I made a 2 recipe brownie and recommended to Heska something simple yet special, ie. sans fondant, just to keep all sugar levels fairly safe :)

Alhamdulillah, birthday boy was well surprised, Heska was happy and the whole crew was delighted. And Heska, you must know that you're a real darling, your crew should feel so blessed :)

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..::ciaobella::.. said...

no... thanks YOU! *hugs

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