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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sugar and Spice, plus Herbs and EXERCISE!!!

Alhamdulillah, my JulesFudgyliciousness Dark Choc Fudge and Chewies have received such a warm welcome for many, starting from their debut at my recent charity booth in Great Eastern Mall.

Now my fudge is available in a single recipe in normal bites or special bites; I also offer them in single bites which are bites that are individually wrapped, like how I presented them at my charity booth. Chewies will also come in the same forms, and I will soon post the related photos.

While I love everyone enjoying JulesFudgyliciousness' sinfulness, I am also concerned about the amount of sugar they are consuming, as my products do not come with a "how to consume safely" instruction, and both my fudge and chewie have yet to receive their nutritional analysis.

The truth to the matter is I am very particular about my diet and I do count calories. At the same time, I do eat all that I make, brownies, fudge and chewies, and I certainly do keep stock at home coz my 3 goons always ask for them. So to keep our sugar intake in check, I have to balance out everything we eat. Fyi, our staple food at home is mainly wheat and we drink only water, no cordials, syrups, and certainly NO soft drinks. My goons will surely finish about 2litres of fresh milk everyday and apart from milk, it's just water; fresh juices are allowed but maybe a cup each everyday. Then I make sure they have ample physical movements throughout the day so I know their energy is being used. But Esfahan is already in Std 4 and he has access to canteen food and I know he'll have soya bean with loads of syrup from the uncle after school, but I let this slide coz I know he's used up lots of joules during the day. As for us grown ups, we must have our coffees, sans sugar of course, and then it's just plain water. I love fresh juices so I'd have them at breakfast, and since darling husband has to go low on the sugar, he'd just take a sip from my glass.

I grew up with more bread and cereal and potatoes as compared to rice, coz my father naturally favours wheat to rice. I remember always waking up to cornflakes or roti bakar, with milk and cheese, hmmm yumm yumm... ) I love rice of course, but I love bread more, and as I learnt about the nutritional content of various grains, I of course choose to have more of the other grains than rice. And I don't get any complaints from my boys thus far, so everything's good :)

During the charity bazaar I offered samples of brownie, fudge and chewie to those who passed by, and many ladies would go, "oh, no thank you, I don't need the calories", or "ooo, no no, too much sugar and fats". But there were also many who came and scooped a whole bunch away too! So it's a matter of preference and I respect that. But for me, I choose to enjoy what I love, and I know very well that what I love can be dangerous for me in the long run if not kept in check, so I EXERCISE!!! Instead of giving up my sinful indulgence, I do something better for my body, EXERCISE!!! Hehe, ya, I'm simply harping on this word, EXERCISE!!! Coz I know many people out there find it so hard to EXERCISE!!! But the truth is, my body feels best when I EXERCISE!!! Yes, it feels absolutley good after some doses of brownie, fudge and chewie, but it feels so undeniably fabulous after EXERCISE!!!

I'm not thin or slim, but I'm not fat either, and I eat practically everything, because I EXERCISE!!! That and because I make sure I know everything I eat; this needs a lot of good reads of course, I believe I have mentioned some of these recommended literatures in my previous posts. And at my age if one can still regularly go trail riding on horseback, do white water rafting, manage 3 boysterous goons while managing a small little home business, without experiencing any body ache or pain, or without having to deal with diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol, then I'd say that's good living, wouldn't you? Alhamdulillah...

My 90 year old grandaunt in Kelantan lives her life strong and healthy, and her diet has always consisted of ulam-ulam, herbs and spice. She is a rice eater surely and a lover of all Kelantanese desserts, but she is never without her ulam or herbs and spices, and she is always up to something around the house, housekeeping, cooking, gardening, and mostly sewing; she sews almost all her grandchildren's and greatgrandchildren's clothes and all the cushion covers, bedspreads and table cloths! That's my darling grandaunt "Pah". That is why I try my best to always have all these ulams, herbs and spices in my daily consumption, while doing things that I'm passionate about.

This is just my opinion, and my opinion is that one should not blame or penalise all the good stuff out there, just because they cannot or do not make time to eat well and EXERCISE!!! Hehehe...

Life's too precious... :)

PS. Channel 706 Astro offers fab workouts from 6am-9am daily. So if you don't have time or means to make it to the gym, this would be a good alternative. My personal choice is CandiSoo's Barbell Matrix workout, of course :)


Wiz said...

I do lotsa naik tangga turun tangga and leg lifts. Cardio is only rope skipping which I sometimes skip heeeee. I bought the skipping rope yg boleh kira calorie tu la konon. After 100jumps and mengah mcm nampak elephants circling my head I was sure I had burnt like at least 50 calories. But when I looked at the metre, cuba teka brp I burnt?


pastu disebabkan terlalu marah, I campak benda tu nad turun makan snek mameeeeeeeeeee.

Letih tau.

JulesMD said...

naik turun tangga mmg bagus, just make sure pakai kasut yg sesuai la. apa2 pun, mesti try buat some form of cardio at least 20-40minutes/week la kan? better if ble buat 1hr straight. mmg la letih wiz, lawak la awak ni, tapi if kita dah biasakan buat, 1jam exercise pun tak rasa :)

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