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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hello all, Jules is here...

Hmm...finally, I have a blog! It's something I've been putting off for some time now. God knows why, I don't know, it's just something that you procrastinate sometimes, I guess...you know? Anyway, tonight is the night. As I eagerly prepared myself for slumber after a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong day with my very own "cat in the hat", "thing 1" and "thing 2", with mike scofield desperately going after the millions which he horrifyingly discovers may no longer be there, my husband dumps my laptop in my face and tells me to "START MY BLOG NOW!" And he plops next to me in bed and starts opening this and that, and asking me this and that, then typing this and that...and voilah! Here's my blog!

Phewh...now that's a lengthy one for a start huh? Well, I can be lengthy, and wordy, but I believe that I'm FUN lengthy and wordy...heh heh....

So... I just recovered from the exhaustion of organising my thing1's 3rd birthday party. Oh, by the way, here's a little background : My eldest hunk, Esfahan (born 16/11/01) is nicknamed "cat in the hat", for reasons those who are familiar with dr seuss's work would know. And the same goes for my 2nd boy, Damascus (born 15/04/05), nicknamed "thing1", and my 3rd son, Marrakesh (born 25/08/06), nicknamed "thing2". Yup, I have 3 horrifyingly gorgeous boys, who are the loves of my life. Only I, by virtue of having carried each one of them for 40 weeks, endured circa 5hrs drugfree labour, drugfree normal birth, and the worst, having been a horrifying circa 100kgs during each pregnancy! So, for all those...challenges...that I had to put up with... again, the worst having to lose all those kgs post delivery, I and only I have the privilege of calling my 3 gorgeous tesoros whatever nicknames I deem fit, and adoring. Only I can scream and yell at them, and only I will wakeup 4-5 times at night, every night for bottle feeds, for at least 2 years of each of their lives...yup, 2 years, so, all in all about 6 years lack of sleep. And I will rush to their side to comfort them when they have bad dreams, and lose sleep over fever, asthma attacks, and all those things. Of course, the father makes the effort to help, every time. But during the bad and sad times, the boys look for mommy. Ayah is for fun, play time!

I'm a stay at home mom. I used to work, when I had Esfahan I was still working. Then, my darling husband convinced me to leave my job that was beginning to cause me serious misery and pain, and to start doing the thing, or things, that I was passionate about. So, I quit. And I started to focus on doing my Gifts. Yup, gifts (along with procreating thing1 and thing2, heh heh). Mainly I do concept gifts. Meaning, I create a concept and plan the design and contents of the gifts based on the concept. And I tailor my gifts specially as per my client's/s' needs. So, I don't really do all those things that you would see in catalogues or stuff. When there's a request, I create. Or, when I've created on inspiration, I present and propose, and if it sells, I'm HAPPY! That's my passion. I won't be happy if I have to do something like what's already out there, but you know, sometimes I just have to because that's what's required. And my gifts come with their own tailored copy. Yeah, if you hadn't caught on yet, I write too. I also loooooove organising events and I dream of starting a urban-wellness-lifestyle cafe.

I have a timeline. When I turn 40, by which time cat in the hat would be 9, thing1 5, and thing2 4, in which case they would be securely independent and more vocal, I would already have a strong base in terms of growing my business, be it my gifts, my writing, my events and my cafe.

Ahah!...thing2 just began to whine for his 2nd feed for the night. 250ml of Dumex Dugro 1-3. Without fail, 4 bottles of 250ml every night. So, my story ends here tonight my good people. I think I shall then succumb to slumber, as the rain outside promises a pleasant and deep rest that my body yearns for... Hmph... but darling husband just turned on Entourage, that'll go on for at least 2 more hours... and 2 more feeds for thing2... Sigh... Well, till later...

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