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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My back still hurts...

...from standing all day in my crocs wedges with thing2 clinging on to me like a koala. For some reason he just refused to be put down. This was during thing1's birthday party last Sunday. That was 3 days ago and my back still hurts. Age, I guess. But the doctor confirms that it's not bone or disc related (phewh!), so I'm gonna try some good old fashioned urut to do the works. And, maybe some core workouts...heh heh...like that's gonna happen soon! My yoga instructor sister would bow to that!

Yup, it's still twitching and stinging. It may sound trivial, but try picking up a 15kg 1+year old in this condition. Hurts. Am gonna down the muscle relaxant the doc prescribed this morning and keep it low key till my favourite urut lady comes tomorrow.

My 3 goons seem to be carrying on diplomatically in playland now, so it should be okay. I should have a good hour before the peace turns to war.....

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Wiz said...

Happy Mother's Day Jules! What a day for me. I had class from 10 to 6! Didn't get to celebrate it with my kids but the day was spent with other mothers with similar interest. It was nice.

Yup, we mothers are the hottest sexiest things!

Shake it jules, shake it.

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