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Monday, March 16, 2009

Jules came to terms with her greatest fear...

...that her offspring would inherit her trait of poor sight. Eye sight.

Today, it was confirmed that my Cat-in-the-Hat is nearsighted, something which could have been caused by so many things, ie. too much TV, computer, video games. But I believe it's my genes. I started wearing glasses at the age of nine, until now, I'm sadly, still in denial... that I now need multifoculs!

I was sad...that at 7+ he'll already have rims on his nose, and a very distinct nose he has...a handsome trait of his sire. It'll be a shame to have his charming nose hide behind those rims. This whole day was about getting Esfahan his glasses.

Well, I pray that he not only inherits my nearsightedness (in terms of a 20/20 vision defect that is), but also my audacity for life. Then, I can rest assured that he'll learn to turn his shortcomings into advantages that will help him breeze through life. And, I tell him, 'be yourself...just carry on being your true, wonderful self, and don't let those lenses get in your way'... :)


wiz said...

Lenses will not make him less handsome la Jules or less of anything. It will only magnify all his wonderful qualities and you wanna know why? coz he sees everything better now.

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

dear wiz,

thank you for the comforting words. i suppose i just feel guilty for having bad eyesight and for passing it down to my son. kan? yup, he'll be able to see better now, and hopefully will not have anymore excuses for not knowing/understanding what the teacher was writing on the board in class! :)

i'm just being a mom... :)

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