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Cynthia Kersey has been writing about Unstoppable People for over a decade and found that living an unstoppable life always involves giving. People who give and are involved in a purpose that is greater than themselves are the happiest people and live the richest and most meaningful lives imaginable...

(Thank you Abang Zu for sharing this...)

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jules for Father's Day 2009 - Part 2

...is still underway... hee hee hee... didn't succeed in getting everything done, coz new things keep popping up along the way... :)

...a birthday surprise for Wiz the Wiz, who keeps saying that she's not a celebrated person...

..."Yellow Teddy Bear", a very special gift for a very brave lady, from her family ~ sister, brother-in-law, nieces, nephew, grandnieces and grandnephews ~ who love her very much and who wish for her to be well, strong and happy always...

...this gift was for someone who "loves everything decorative, dreamy and beautiful"... the lovely cupcakes in the dreamy pink box are from Wiz (flanked by 2 squares of Jules fudgies), plus some delightful mini goodies in Jules "Rhapsody in Blue"...

I hope Jules was able to add sunshine and goodness, spread cheer and happiness... :)

While we celebrate birthdays and memorable moments, we also embrace those who are dealing with pain and sadness. It's NEVER easy having to deal with tribulations, but it really does get better over time...of course it sounds crappy when people around you say this, but, it really does get better over time... The most important thing is, we must let ourselves heal; letting go is surely the worst pain, but once we've passed that, and start replenishing ourselves, we would soon realise that things do get better, InsyaAllah; and life is indeed truly wonderful, Alhamdulillah. And, we would also realise that there are still so many more people and things out there to love, and who love us too.

To all Jules family and friends, I hope you know that my thots and my prayers are always with you... :)

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..::ciaobella::.. said...

u should have Jules for Graduation :p

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