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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jules goes rustic this Teacher's Day

...JulesTins - fill up with yummy cookies or candies, or load up with red inked pens, and you'll have the best, most unique gift, exclusively for your fav teachers!

Empty tin @ RM25.00 each
Empty tin + card (with envelope) + gift pouch @ 32.00 each


Wiz said...

Love those tins Jules, and the idea of putting red ink pens? ha ha ha. I hae ink pens, coz rasa manyak salah je. So much so when I mark students' work I use blue pen so it wont look so formidable sgt.

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

hey wiz, i dulu suka check my staf nye work guna pen merah...siap mark beso-BESOOOOO their writing errors! hee hee...time tu tgh gila kuasa, heh heh...now i takde pen langsung kat rumah ni, asyik kena bawak lari kat my 3 goons tu!

teacher's day...i ingat how my parents used to bring back so many presents from their pupils...bunga la, cards la, kuih la... i used to think it was soooo cooool...i still do. simple stuff, they're always the best, kan?

so, to you, cikgu wiz, happy teacher's day! eh, tak aci tau, you dapat 2 in a row, mother's day and teacher's day...! :) ... have a blast with your kids and your students this weekend!

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