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Monday, May 23, 2011

Work In Progress

I'm sitting here with Esfahan and Marrakesh; Esfahan is halfheartedly revising for his Matematik 1 & 2, Kajian Tempatan and Kesihatan, while Marrakesh is diligently doing his homework, writing, colouring and drawing the Wilayah Persekutuan flag. I am trying my best to get all my WIPs done, intermittently, coz most of the time I'm telling Esfahan to stay focused, helping Marrakesh with his flag and yelling at Damascus upstairs to keep the TV volume down.

Fortunately for my boys, my sister and her daughter are here too, so they (my boys) have a buffer...! Hehehe...

Anyway, my WIPs are journals and albums which I'm gleefully decorating with some fab decals, fancy paper, stickers, ribbons, etc. These journals can also be used as scrapbooks, where one can happily add photos and memorabilias later on.

I SO love all those wonderful, wonderful scrapbook materials that can be found in so many places these days. They are just to die for! I also love all the fun things I keep coming across at various hobby and art shops. So, I normally mix the materials I use, which means that while some of them may be acid and lignin free, others may be plain untreated materials.

It has been told that it is best to use acid and lignin free materials for scrapbooking as these materials are known to stand the test of time, ie. they don't turn yellow or become brittle. There is also another point of view where it is considered to be nice and romantic to have your memoirs and keepsakes take on a naturally rustic and antique appeal over time. Well, I guess it's all a matter of preference, and perhaps also one's budget, whether one chooses to go all the way acid and lignin free, or to have a little of both, ie. treated and untreated materials.

Generally, I use a mixture of both categories in my creations, mainly because I aim to satisfy different needs. Bottomline is, I do my best to meet all my clients' requests and specifications.

As for me personally, I have no qualms about using untreated materials. My old scrapbooks from Zainab School and KGV remain dear and precious to me; and as in all things precious, I kept them very, very carefully. So, although they have somewhat aged, they are still very much intact and the memories will always stay fresh in my mind and in my heart. As much as I appreciate modern technology and use them to continually enrich our lives, sometimes I just like to let things run their natural course... :)


Wiz said...

Oh it's the same thing here. Keeping an eye on the kids who are supposed to be doing some revision is just madness. In the end, it's just redha jer la apa2 pun they bring home. But I would make sure I make some noise first about poor kids who love and want to learn but do not get the chance to. FOr 2 seconds they tunduk and blajar. Pastu....grrrr

JulesMD said...

haha! u kena bagi depa tengok laskar pelangi, gud movie... esfahan stil belum habih lagi revision ni, dari tadi dok dingdong je, i bukan apa, just want him to fulfill his potential...tapi letih la, coz lepas dah puas mengadap dia belajar, then barulah kita boleh carry on dgn kerja2 kita pulak, kan? :)

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