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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jules goes Hannah Montana!

Yup, Jules goes Hannah Montana! How hapnin' is that?! Hee hee!

By the way, just to share with you, as I'm writing here, I have inawhiz running, with Kenny Roger's "Through The Years" in the background... I just so love the song... I'll have it running the whole day, I don't care... :)

Anyway, back to Hannah Montana... I must say that when I accepted the task of creating a Hannah Montana Tin, from a devoted Mom for her bubbly little diva, it was, not only at around the 11th hour, but I suddenly wondered..."hmmm, how do I create a Hannah Montana?" I know Ultraman, Transformers, Ben10, but Hannah Montana? So I called up sister and sister-in-law, both blessed with darling princesses, and they gladly gave suggestions...thank you, thank you! As I started on the tin, I became so excited... I Googled, I browsed and I caught bits of the show on YouTube! Woohoo! She is indeed one cool gal, funny too! And, the part that thrilled me most was that her favourite colours are purple, pink, black and blue, the first 3 being my favs too! Hee hee, an old gal feeling young again...!

Well, it wasn't just Jules Tins. The little diva's Mom also asked me to make a Bling JulesFudgy, in pink & white...! EEEEEk! I know that, by a miracle wonder, I pulled it off the last time with the black & green Bling, but another one?! EEEEEk! Can I do it? I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and with tons of butterflies doing summersaults in my tummy, I accepted that task too...AAAAA! Each moment praying that I don't goof it for this precious little girl...

So, my dear Raudhah Wardina, I hope you enjoy your fab birthday, please do pardon any of Aunty Jules' flaws (esp in your pink & white Bling!) and I pray you grow up to be simply fab too... :)


Wiz said...

Yea I could feel your presence in my blog.

I love your latest creations Jules, the tin and the bling bling brownies. I think the bling bling brownies are here to stay.

Eh how come Imeem plays the full song dah pulak?

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

my boys pening dengar kenny rogers sampai diorang pun pasang their own ultraman songs on the computer upstairs! ha ha!

u like my bling bling? oh, oh... weeeeeee!!!!! as my sons would say everytime kitorang turun ramp basement carpark! yay! wiz likes my work! yay! hey, that means a lot coming fr a cake si-fu tau... :)... heh, heh, for now, the bling is all i can give lor...hee hee...

imeem suka hannah montana kot, dats why they play the full song...!

Mona said...

Nice very girlyy.... next time i'm sure you will get order for Ben10, Naruto and so on...

Love yr creativity.. keep it up ya..


Juliana Mohd Daud said...

hi mona, thanks so much dear :) insyaAllah i will do my best to continually improve myself and my work for all jules family, friends and patrons, all of whom i greatly treasure... :)

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