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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Jules was overpowered by Goons!

Yup, I was...it happened yesterday, and such an agonising defeat it was...and the Victors soon succumbed to slumber, proving that they had put up a worthy fight to secure their new territory...!

It all started when the astro in their domain (upstairs living room) failed to transmit porgrammes, about one week now. Ahh, I will never understand the mechanics of these things! I believe the aircond cleaners were the actual culprits; when they stepped onto the balcony upstairs, they must have knocked against one of the astro dishes, which caused it to malfunction, somewhere, somehow, I don't know! Swapping upstairs/downstairs decoders didn't work, and dear ayah had been too busy to call for help. And the astro 611 ceria channel, that airs ultraman dyna/gaia/tiga, transformers, geng bas sekolah, and hikayat putera shazlan, in my room is locked, and dear ayah cannot recall the password to unlock it! (hee hee).

So, with ayah away in Penang for his SinarFM concert, and while mommy was busily rushing out fudgy orders and trying desperately to get back to deadlines after recovering from a 3 day down time due to flu, darling goons decided to act on a highly critical gameplan, that is to take control of the downstairs tv!!! Without me, or their makcik ati, realising it, they had transported all their sleeping stuff into the downstairs living room, right smack in front of the tv. They built forts with the sofa and throw cushions, and secured the remote controls for the aircond and astro decoder! And that, ladies and gentlemen, was how the living room was won...! I am now only allowed into their stronghold when they need me to lull them to sleep at night. Else, mommy stays nicely, quietly and peacefully on the dining room side, at her workstation... :)

Even when their tv upstairs was working well and fine, my darlings would always find their way downstairs into my domain...and I would shoo them back upstairs, and they would, obediently, retreat to their territory. I guess, they just wanted to be near mommy... and now, they have finally succeeded!... :)... Well, just till this weekend... I'll let them have their fun :)


Wiz said...

Yayyyy mommy kalah! Aunty wiz says yay to that! Ala Jules, disebabkan you la camera man nya tak nampak la you pun sebenarnya bergolek2 di depan TV tu kan ha ha ha. Sian the kids jadi scapegoat tau!

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

heh heh... lagi senang mommy buat kerja, jenguk je kat sebelah kanan to see that they're ok, takyah lari naik & lari turun tangga to check up on them! and then terus booom je among them! heehee

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