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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jules lost her 'merdeka' for a moment today...

Jules accidentally locked her car key inside her car at KLCC earlier today. And for a while there, she succumbed to the state of being imprisoned!

Well, of course I could have easily walked out or taken the LRT/taxi/bus to somewhere, but I felt compelled to remain within the premise, where my precious orange lay parked at P1, unable to move. It was ironic. While I actually had all the freedom in the world to carry on with my life/routine as usual, as I wait for darling husband to swing by and drop off the spare key, I somehow felt like I was trapped, without the capacity to move. Silly isn't it? It became sillier about 2 hours later when darling husband called and said that the spare key was nowhere to be found! AAAA!!! How could I have been so absentminded just now. I parked, turned off the engine, rummaged through my stuff, stepped out and locked the car door. Then as I looked for the parking ticket in my handbag pocket, I realised that the key wasn't there, it wasn't in my cargo pockets either. Then I looked back inside the car and there it was, still in the ignition! Oh, my Precious Orange! My beloved kancil, the first ever car (2nd hand) that I bought with my very own, very little at that time, hard earned money. Sigh...double sigh.... Darling husband had already rescued the boys from school, so that worry was out of the way, but what do I do about my Precious Orange? "Locksmith", darling husband said, "find a locksmith, pay them a fee and they'll unlock the door for you." Luckily there was one at the concourse level... Finally, my kancil was rescued, and I regained my freedom, to leave the building.

But that feeling I had felt, when I was still locked out of my car, it wasn't nice. And that was only me not being able to get my car out of the building. What if it had been me stuck in a land where I couldn't "move" myself to go anywhere, or to do anything that I want to do? Hmmm.... I'm glad I'm not, Alhamdulillah...


Well, anyway, when I got up this morning, the first thing I thot was that I will start my "Merdeka" program with the boys today. So, when I finally reached home, the boys were already into their second round of Ultraman, Tiga, Gaia, or Dyna, I don't know! All were nicely fed, homeworks done (thank you makcik ati) and all were comfortable. My stomach was rumbling, but I let that wait. Instead I told the boys to clear their play area, put up their foldable bed trays and get ready for....... PAINT TIME!!!!! Woohoo! Nothing excites my boys more than messy, "comot" paint time! Then I pinned up a wrapping paper that had the motif of Peninsular Malaysia (I was thrilled when I first saw that giftwrap at a stationery shop; I think it was some time in June when I bought it) and I showed them the famous local landmarks. They immediately noticed the Malaysian Flag, Twin Towers, KL Tower and Genting Highlands! Abang Long wanted to paint Jalur Gemilang, Abang Ngah Twin Towers, and Abang Chik wanted to paint....Ultraman Tiga!!! Ha ha! Well, I got 2 out of 3 right, so, I shall not complain.... :)

hmmm... wonder what Ultraman would think of that...!

Yay! Hurray for Abang Long!

"This is 1 Twin Tower with 3 yellow legs,"...???!!! Hmmm... Well, maybe he sees it the way Picasso would've...! :)


Wiz said...

Jules, kenapa tidak anda bersiar2 semasa kunci anda terkunci di dalam kereta? I would first be terrified of my husband, secondly frantically create excuses why I had absent mindedly done that, 3rd beg for his mercy and promise to be extra alert next time, fourth after convincing him, I would then adjourn to the adjacent shopping complex for leka2 icecream double scoop with sprinkles.

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

tu lah pasal wiz...tiba2 je i jadi blur! not exactly blur, but mcm lost gitu. punya lah best kan, stranded kat klcc tu?! hee hee... tapi because i was 'stuck' there, not because i voluntarily and leisurely want to be there, but because i was forced to hang around there while things were being figured out how to rescue my kancil, i think that's why i became a bit 'lost'. i tak takut darling husband time ni, i takut kena bayar parking tiket mahal je! and yup, it was rm13!!! and i had just wanted to pay 1 bill at cimb and maybank respectively.... sigh... heehee... but, i believe that God has a reason for everything...

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