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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Yess! Jules has regained her living room!

...and loads of peace of mind... :)

Yup, the 611 astro ceria channel magically came on just now, when dear ayah, upon his return from a successful event, casually swtiched on the upstairs tv. Aaahhh, alhamdulillah, God is Great... :) It's after 9pm, the boys have been fed with Kraft's "Spiderman" mac&cheese dinner (coz mommy thot it would be fun, for everyone!), filled up on latte and aqua, and are now happily sprawled on their duvets, in front of the tv, catching up on Putera Shazlan, etc...

For this month of August, I thot of doing something about Merdeka for my beloved country Malaysia. Share my thots on how it was before Merdeka, during our struggle for it, after we achieved Merdeka, and circa our present time now. My boys aren't very aware of it yet; they know it's celebrated every year on 31st August, but they don't know the essence or the concept of being "Merdeka". And, since I've been creating special Merdeka gifts for the past four years, I figured that perhaps, while trying to educate my boys, I could at the same time share a little something with you... I'll start that fresh next week, bit by bit ya...

Tonight, I'll share with you some of my latest projects... But before that, I'd like to thank all Jules family, friends and patrons, for your undying support towards my work... and especially to Jules patrons whose fudgy orders I had to reluctantly cancel and who patiently waited for me to recover from my recent cough and cold (I was actually 'down' for 3 days!) for me to makeup for it, thank you, words couldn't justify how much I appreciate your kindness... :)

Dearest Ila, I wish you and your new husband Zaini, "Selamat Pengantin Baru", semoga berbahagia hingga ke anak cucu...and, thank you for always keeping Jules close to your heart :)

Iza wanted my Bling Fudgy in white & pink, and since it was for her Bertunang, I added some sweet white flowers on the trim to make it a little festive...and she asked for my fudgy with strawberries, for her whole clan to enjoy... :)

Dear Iza, I knew your darling sister Aini during my heydays in KGV! Alhamdulillah, I've found her in Facebook, after losing touch for so many years...and thanks also to FB, I've now gotten to know you too :) Selamat Bertunang... and Aini, I'm truly glad that you think my fudgies are evilicious and devilicious!... Alhamdulillah...

My friend, Fid, recently introduced a new verb in her daily routine, "hubbying", as she updated in her FB status. I've just made some angel hair pasta with pesto sauce...the boys are almost in slumber now, with the tv watching them...so, I guess, I'll be doing my own "hubbying" now... :)... goodnight and have a good week ahead...

PS. : I'm going to play Pixie Lott's "Mama Do" from imeem; if you can't get the whole song here, I hope you'll catch it elsewhere, coz I just love this song now, and the video is so cute! Thanks Heska for sharing this with me... oh yes, and thanks also for ordering my fudgy with strawberries for your cousin ya... :)


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Juliana, nice blog you have.
Noticed your mention of coming Merdeka celebrations.

I was there. Infact I was one of the many thousands of schoolboys who participated in Malaya's first mass drill at the opening of Merdeka stadium marching in to the tune of 'Can can' played by the police band.

And next day I was present when they lowered the British Union Jack and for the first time Malaya's National flag rising in the morning sun, fluttering proudly and for the first time we hearing the National anthem being played, Negara Ku', originally from Indon song 'Terang Bulan'.

And it was an emotional moment even for a young boy of 14, me...to see, to join in as Tunku Abdul Rahman stood up, raised his right hand and cried out, "MERDEKA'! 7 times....and I joining the almost 40,000 strong crowd crying out, "MERDEKA" at the top of our voices.

And Juliana, many memories will fail me as I head into my twilight years, but that day at Merdeka stadium will always, forever remain with me.


Best regards, you keep a song in your heart, Lee.
ps, infact I will be posting about that day end August.

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

hello uncle lee!

i am speechless...i am truly overwhelmed...i can't begin to tell you how honored i am to have someone who 'lived' that historical moment of our merdeka, to drop a few lines in my blog! every word that you wrote, about merdeka, i am able to visualise the event as if it were happening this very moment! i love the way you speak of our merdeka, your excitement, your spirit, your pride...this is what i want to be able to relay to and instill in my boys. you are indeed a true malaysian and a sweet inspiration! i hope you will visit me at my blog again, and drop some lines, i will be most honored and humbled. i will definitely look you up and your words on merdeka... MERDEKA!

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