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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jules rushed!

Flew here, flew there, flew everywhere today! And it's been such a hot day!

I'm still rushing, so, 2 main things :

Yeanti Dearie, thank you so very much for laying all your food at your khenduri today on JulesFudgy platters! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, I was so touched and, I did hug you, right? Yes, I did, and I love you dear friend, I truly treasure your undying support... :)

Wiz...Wiz! You're so teruks you know...came by my house and surprisingly dropped off simply FAB DURIAN cupcakes when I wasn't home!!! Plus some ultra cute polka dot paper napkins in sweet pink and baby blue! And the durian cuppies were also in pink & white polka dots!!! And you wrote 'thank you jules' on your cuppies! For being one of Wiz's 50000th viewer? No Wiz, thank YOU for keeping your blog and creating a nice place for me to visit, and find joy, cheer, inspiration and a peace of mind... :)

...yummm... so love these...thank you Wiz... :)

And while I was flying around just now, I homed in on this fab old time enamel double boiler, which I just couldn't resist! So, from now on, chocolate for all bling fudgies shall be lovingly melted in this boiler...may its charm and character flow into my fudgies...good vibes...good vibes...heehee!... :) Who knows, I might even make kaya!


Wiz said...

Jules! That's one cool boiler. If you had not tell me, I wouldn't have known it was a boiler serious ha ha ha.

YOu know what to make those durian cupcakes I used 10 big ulas of durian flesh. But amazingly bila dah baked tak rasa the durian chunks kan? I was quite upset actually sebab I thought mesti terasa with the amount of durians put in, a ratio of 1: to the batter.. Kena letak 10 bijik kut ha ha ha, pengsan Jules kepanasan.

Will try find cupcake liners yang your colour k. It sells in a pack of 200 la Jules. Can ah? Ada hot pink polkadots and stripes. Tak pe nanti I tgkap gambar.

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

haha! i suka old stuff... tho i love everything stainless steel in my kitchen, tapi bab2 pinggan, dulang and koleh enamel zaman dolu2ni, i memang cannot resist! masa i kecik dulu, i makan dalam pinggan besi enamel yang ada bunga, the one that my arwah nenek nyak kuala krai guna masa dia pegi haji; i wold cry if my mum or kak kiah tak bagi i pnggan tu! and till now, i still use the big round enamel trays yang ada bunga besar2 tu!

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

eh, silap, nenek nyang, not nenek nyak!

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