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Cynthia Kersey has been writing about Unstoppable People for over a decade and found that living an unstoppable life always involves giving. People who give and are involved in a purpose that is greater than themselves are the happiest people and live the richest and most meaningful lives imaginable...

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Introducing Wild Flowers!

...the latest in JulesFudgy platter... It measures 13inx13in and is just so stunningly gorgeous! I was actually thinking of offering my current batch of fudgies in Vintage Garden Cupcake Dish, but when I saw this "Wild Flowers" the other day, I immediately decided to offer this platter instead. Perhaps the Vintage Garden Cupcake Dish is more for special orders, where you wish to have your fudgies cupcake style. So, this time around, JulesFudgy will be available on Wild Flowers, for as long as the stock is available.

And, in light of the recent devastation in Padang, Sumatera, Jules will split the profit from her JulesFudgy for October09-November09, so that a portion of it can be channeled to the Padang Relief Fund (I will choose the most favourable one), on top of her ongoing Gaza and Cancer efforts. Just to share with you, on the day of the first quake, a dear friend of ours, Susi, was actually at the Hotel Ambachang; she had had a meeting there, which ended at about 5pm and she left at about 5.15pm. She was still nearby when the hotel collapsed, and unfortunately, one of her colleagues who did not leave with her, died. She lives in Batusangkar, well and fine Alhamdulillah, but the memory of that day still haunts her... Hopefully, we'll be able to do our bit in helping them... InsyaAllah...

On another note, I was shopping for my goons' never ending milk supply at Tesco last night, and I was quite disappointed to see that none of the patrons cared to use their own shopping bag, except for this makcik. Everyone else happily packed their stuff in Tesco's plastic bags. Darling husband and I make sure we have at least 2 bags in each car boot at all times, so that we're prepared to shop in case we pop by anywhere and end up getting stuff. And when we do forget to bring these bags with us into the mall/shop, I get quite upset and I feel really guilty. Coz I feel very strongly about doing our part in contributing to the preservation of our environment, locally and globally, as it is also part of progress. Hmmm... perhaps Jules could and should come up with a plan to encourage folks to be more environment friendly? Hmmm... :) .....


Wiz said...

I love tesco's plastic bags Jules. It's because I was told, they are biodegradable. I use them to pack all my sisa2 makanan and my recyling items such as tin cans, plastic bottles and stuff. If I were to use other type of plastic bags, they would defeit the purpose as they don't perish in time. The black garbage bag that other people always use tu, tak der yang biodegradable punya.

Maybe I have the wrong approach, correct me.

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

wiz! kita minta dia update blog dia, dia pegi bg komen kat sini plaks... hee hee... rilek la, lama tak menyakat awak... :) !

well, ikea's and jusco's plastic bags are all biodegradable too; after a few weeks, if they are still in your bakul or drawer, you will see dia lerai and berkecai. but, at the same time, ikea dah tak bagi dah plastic bag dia for free, siapa nak kena byr. jusco pun, dah byk recyclable shopping bags diorg jual, design lawa2 plaks tu. don't you wonder why?

recycling is not just abt not using plastic bags or selling your old newspapers, it's about planning and managing your consumption so that it is effective and efficient. the end result that we should all want at the end of the day, actually, is to be able to manage our waste effectively and efficiently too. a whole bigger picture.

well, i suppose you, and everyone else, have the right to continue doing things the way you are doing now, and be happy about it. but, if we, as 1malaysia, are looking towards being recognised as an advanced civilisation, we must start somewhere. and the result will be much more effective if done collectively.

this is the boring side of me, huh?

wiz said...

Dah update dah la.

Alright then, if we don't use those plastic bags to contain our rubbish, what else can we use? I for one would never take any other plastic bags unless if they are biodegradable. I'd rather keep the things bought in my huge handbag. Awak guna apa?

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

btw, biodegradable garbage bags are normally in blue or green... :)

wiz said...

But the ones yang dah berderai in my laci are in white.

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