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Monday, October 26, 2009

Jules, Sex & The City, and Rustic Charm...

Woohoo! Finally, I got to watch my 4 favourite ladies on HBO last nite! Aaahhh...the Lulu Guinness handbags, the Manolo Blahniks, the Vivienne Westwood, the Christian Lacroix, the gorgeous 5th Avenue Penthouse...and most of all, New York, New York...aaaahhhh.... :)

I just loved the wedding ensemble; Carrie in the gorgeous Vivienne Westwood with the blue bird in her hair, Miranda in electric blue, Samantha in red and Charlotte in pure black... My favourite scene was when Carrie smashed the flowers onto Big after he had ditched her, and Charlotte's tone and expression when she screamed "NO!" to Big. How wonderful it is to have such fiercely loyal friends to stand by you that way...I also enjoyed watching Charlotte poop in her pants! Hahaha! Reminds me of the time when I was suddenly stricken with the worst "tummy rumble" one morning, when I was on the Intrakota heading for work! Aaaaa! I had to jump off (very, very carefully, of course) the bus in front of Concorde Hotel and use the facilities there! Geez, I can't even begin to describe how I felt back then...it was simply horrifying!... Then I loved the part when Carrie presented Louise of St Louis with a fab Louis Vuitton; that feeling of utter achievement and fulfilment, for both parties... :)

Well, I maxed the movie, so, I'm definitely gonna watch it again and again and again, like I did Mamma Mia!

And the even more fab thing was, both my sister and niece were at my place last night and we watched the movie together. How cool is that? Watching SATC with my 2 best gals! My four guys were upstairs, entertaining themselves with Ultraman and Football! Cool eh?

The reason Kak Rozy and Medina were here was coz Dinz asked me to bake her a brownie for her class party today. So, I did. And Dinz had brought sugar pearls to decorate her brownie, and I offered some of my stuff to add to the merriment... :) ...so that's Dinz's fab brownie work, not bad for a girl who aspires to be the first Malaysian Fashion Editor to be based in Paris huh?! ...:) It felt like it was only yesterday when she was the chubby cheeked 3year old who loved Odette, The Swan Princess...she'll be taking her SPM next month...

As for Jules Fudgy, Wild Flowers made her last curtain call last week, Alhamdulillah...a great big thank you to all Jules family, friends and patrons, I truly appreciate your support. So, Jules Fudgy is now presented in a elegant oven safe baking dish, simply called "Rustic Charm"... :)

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Wiz said...

This this the beat one Jules. My fav of all the other favs. I could just decorate my walls with them. Sib baik berat, if not teruja jugak la nak beli and double sided tape kan mangkuk2 itu.

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