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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Let's Partyyy!!!

February, needless to say, is special to me as it is my birthday month. And thus far, it surely has been a month filled with lots of love and heartfelt celebrations... :)

Kayla's 10th Birthday Bash ~ Alice In Wonderland!
This is the special project that had me tingling in excitement. I read "Alice In Wonderland" as a child and I believe this was the start of my passion for everything whimsical, not to mention bold motifs and colours, especially the black & red hearts, diamonds, aces and clubs, as well as the black & white checkerboard. I love, love, love everything about this fairytale. So when Nadia asked me to create special tins as favours for Kayla's party, I couldn't be more thrilled!
...it was Jules Jordan Canister in pink that fulfilled this wonderful task...and each favour is exclusive, no two are the same :)

...no one wants to be late for this tea party! :)

...heartfelt JulesDelightfulness gifts for Kayla and mommy who are both February divas ~ a photo frame and a candy tin :)

A special FudgyTinBrownie in my latest Kentucky Derby range for Eila's sister-in-law...

Suba's Brownie Valentine for her beloved...

And last but not least, for my 41st birthday, I decided to throw myself a party. Coz I throw parties for darling husband, for my goons and for everyone else all the time, but I've never had time to do anything for me. So, this year, amidst all that rush, I had my "Royal Purple Party". Yayyyyyyyy!!! Hehe... I felt so blessed coz I managed to have the most important people in my lives with me on my very special day...Alhamdulillah

Jules' Royal Purple Party
The red roses are for my mom, coz she just LOVES red roses... the white and purple are for me :)

The grownups' table... sheer luxury & elegance in royal purple, gold and silver, with Jules' extravagant party favours, which also served as the place cards ~ candy tins for the gentlemen, and photo frame and album/journal for the ladies, all personalised and exclusive, in true Jules' fashion :)

...The dishes served were my personal favourites ~ my mom's nasi goreng, my sister-in-law-Jasmine's tuna sandwich, chicken shakshuka and humus tahinna with Lebanese bread, and of course, JulesFudgyliciousness Fondant Brownie :)

The children had their own "Royal" table, with their very own personalised and exclusive candy tins; Sophia of course had both a candy tin and an album/journal, as she was the only princess among the goons ... oh, Ultraman too had a seating :)

As usual, I didn't have a party favour for myself... But I have something brewing in my mind, perhaps a nice frame to place the photo of the beautiful people I love... :)


Wiz said...

Your party looks like Alice's party la Jules! Well done.

I am not into Alice in Wonderland sebab I rasa mcm pening and sesak nafas hahahaha, kan I asthmatic. I can't be in a trapped place. I feel trapped when I watch Alice in Wonderland.

Anyway just want to wish you a beautiful 41st Bday Jules! You are looking younger everyday I tengok.

Yes, it must be the brownies.

JulesMD said...

hahaha! asthmatic, so cute...patut buat spoof movie, alice bawak inhaler ek? hehehe... like i was telling someone tadi, my family n friends keep me happy n young, n my brownies too! n i don't want to be sweet 14 (41 tebalik, like another friend was saying), coz at 14 i didnt hv any of u guys, n lebih lagi, i didnt hv my family. bosan la kan? :)

Nadhrah Maidin said...

Everyhting looks yummy here. Happy birthday dear

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