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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Coming soon ~ Jules Coffee ~ !

...Jules' Raya Tins were a big hit! Ahamdulillah... While Petra, Jordan and Casablanca are still happy at play, Alexandria made her last debut on 5th Syawal... :)... Thank you so much to all Jules wonderfully loyal patrons, for your kind and continued support. With Alexandria making her exit, Jules Fudgies are now presented in Earth Tones again and cool platters (for strawberry or bling embelished), while I continue my search for new and attractive baking dishes.

Just to share with you, I use Alexandria, Petra, Jordan and Casablanca to serve Raya cookies at home this year; and I've also applied these tin designs to my 4 tier mangkuk tingkat (tiffin), in which I also serve Raya goodies!

Back to baking dishes, actually I did find something that I simply fell in love with. As I had told Wiz in one of my treats on her blog (before Syawal), I found this ceramic baking dish for cupcakes, with 6 large cupcake holes, which I think is very interesting. I thot of baking my fudgies as cuppies, but my normal single fudgy capacity would require 2 units of the said cupcake dish. So, if all the costs and packaging work out favourably, I will perhaps present my next cycle of fudgies in this said cupcake baking dish...woohoo! I'm tingling with excitement already, coz the dish comes in an assortment of blue, pink, green and brown, and they match perfectly with Jules' Vintage Garden platter (from March 2009)!

And last, but not least, Jules' latest project is... tadaaa!... Jules Coffee! Finally, my greatest Addiction, coffee, materialising... Alhamdulillah, so far I've managed to share with you my love for chocolate via JulesFudgy, my lust for handbags and tins/boxes via JulesAddiction Handbags & Tins/Boxes, my passion for sweetness via JulesDelightfulness, and now, my dependence on the best high in the world...coffee. JulesCoffee is pure Premium Brazilian Black coffee, manufactured by Hicnockey (certified halal), packed in individual sachets, and each sachet makes 1 divine pot of 8-10cups; I get 8 cups from 1 sachet and I take mine without sugar...simply strong and bold... :)

I'll update more on JulesCoffee soon, ie. more background info, price, etc... Meantime, I hope you'll continue to enjoy my Eros Ramazzotti playlist; I would add more songs but my goons insist that I keep it to these 5, coz they're their favourites too! You should be glad that I'm not forced to share my "Ultraman Playlist" with you...!


wiz said...

I love the tin design Jules!!!!!!!!! But i think the jules logo tu should be a little bit bigger or wider baru nampak proportionate with the height of the tin. Flaunt it flaunt it.

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

alaaa, kita nak subtle je...if logo tu besar kot mcm over la plaks, org kelantan kata "ddo-oh'...hee hee... and also sebab it's julescoffee, and i love my coffee as black and as strong n bold as it can be, sebab tu lah i emphasise the blackness of the tin tu... anyways, thanks wiz, i feel blessed that ada jugak orang yang rasa my brand should be flaunted... :)

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