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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jules busy, busy, busy! Tins, "Say It With Cupcakes", Gerai Raya, Baby Antonio, Ultraman Junkie!

Hee hee... Yup, these past few days have been very hectic! After completing Petronas Merdeka 2009, it was straight to Gerai Raya KerepekLa at KLCC, during which time I had also introduced Jules Tin Tower for Raya 2009. Throughout all this, there were also Giftmagique hampers for buka puasa and raya... I'm lucky to get at least 4 hours of sleep every day!

Anyway, firstly, I truly apologise for not being here for so long, and not keeping all of you up to date with Jules' latest activities. Well, basically, the above just about sums it all up! Demanding, exhausting, but yet very exhilirating too indeed!

So, very quickly, some snapshots of my latest...

Individual tins in the latest Jules Tin Tower...
Casablanca ~ with Kuih Siput

Jordan ~ with Funky Sugee

Petra ~ with Chocolate Chips

Alexandria ~ with JulesFudgyliciousness

Giftmagique's contribution towards BAKIT/Mysunshine's "SAY IT WITH CUPCAKES RAMADHAN 1430H CHARITY DRIVE" ~ the closing chapter...kuih raya for the special folks :)

For Baby Antonio... :)

...glad everyone's happy...thanks Tess :)

Gerai Raya KerepekLa 2009 @KLCC
Assortment of yummy cookies...

Assortment of hampers...

My goons visit Gerai Raya KLCC 2009...

...And last, but not least, as I was hovering over brownies just now, my youngest goon, who recently became a hopeless Ultraman junkie, fell asleep in front of his favourite superhero...!

...and, I shall now have a shuteye, before I wake up again for sahur, and to continue with my brownie marathon... a piu tardi...buona notte tutti... :)


The Stakeholder said...

hi there busy woman. thanks again for the last minute delivery to baby antonio. zarina (the mom) really loved it and was very touched with the care taken in preparing the gifts. the dad - he's still nervous as heck! haha. keep it up.

don't 4get my brownies!! :)

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

hey tess, i put in 1001% tlc into each and every one of my gifts whaaaat.... :)... and, of course if tak 4get your brownies, insyaAllah... if only you knew the pitstops i'll be making enroute kl-klang malam raya nanti!

Wiz said...

Your kuih siput telah disiputkan appropriately in our tummies. Love the sticker jules. If only I could figure out my branding as pretty as yours. The thing is I am not even sure what colour or what design or what not and whatever to put in the logo. So macam mana nak buat stickers and stuff.

All the best with the brownies marathon k. I am done baking dah. Cannot take anymoreeeeeeee. Have sold all the cookies and all the cakes that these two hands can stretch it. I need to pack and kemas rumah...tulun tulun tulun.

Selamat Hari Raya Julie and maaf zahir batin for all the late nights smses he he he.

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