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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Jules Merdeka 2009

Jeng jeng jeng...! Yup, I'm finally unveiling it! I was actually hesitant about publicising this project out loud, because in previous years I have always kept a tight lip on my Petronas Merdeka projects, respecting their exclusivity. But my dear childhood friend has insisted that I do, and she made it very clear in her comment on my previous post. And honouring the fact that "The Client Is Always Right", :) , here goes...

Alhamdulillah, this year's project was again a sweet success; all the effort, sleepless nights, have paid off :) This was a project under my Giftmagique brand, and it wouldn't have worked out as well as it did without the input and ideas from the brilliant folks at Petronas Corporate Affairs Media Department, and the undying support from friends at Tangerine and KerepekLa, plus all those kinds souls who were never hesitant to help, ie EMI/Warner Music Malaysia (Larry & Hermond), Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, Arkib Negara & Pustaka Peringatan P.Ramlee. Thank you Petronas, for your trust in me, thank you for the opportunity to continually outdo even my own self. InsyaAllah, given the chance, I will keep on reaching for the stars... :)

Full story on the "P.Ramlee:Seni Warisan Bangsa, Movie Reel Tin" in my next post... :)


Wiz said...

Very impressive Jules! I love how you used your tins.

How come I tak dapat satu? I ni pengguna setia petronas tauuuuuuuuu.

What's inside the small2 tins tu?

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

tq, tq... and wiz, i bukan petronas, i buat untuk petronas... ! and this gift is not for the masses, it's an exclusive annual gift for the media, plus other relevant people. it's actually more than just the tin, it's the whole concept, from a - z : p.ramlee, seni warisan bangsa. a grat amount of research was done for this project. inside the small canisters (they're not tins, they're cardboard tubes with metal ends) are among p.ramlee's favourite kudapan: asam boi, kacang goreng, rempeyek, keropok belinjau, kuih tart nenas, and kopi o sachets (kopi o is his favourite drink) and biji dam (he loved playing dam aji in between takes!). i'll explain the concept in my next post, today tak sempat coz it has been hectic, coz i finally have some quality time with all my 4 guys ...)

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