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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jules celebrates 9th anniversary this 0909!

On 1 September 2009, darling husband and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary, Alhamdulillah :). Thank you very much for all the well wishes from Jules family and friends, insyaAllah we look forward to many more years together :)... In conjunction with our 9th anniversary and in support of maintaining a sustainable environment, I would like to share a bit more with all of you, by offering a special shopping bag, for the first 9 orders of Jules Fudgies that come in from 1-9 September 2009. And I already have 4 currently, so, there are 5 more to go. But for each order you will receive only one bag, meaning, if you ordered 5 fudgies, you will get 1 bag, not five, hee hee. This is to spread the joy across the board, I hope you understand. And the first bag will happily go out this afternoon... :)

Moving along, yup, we're almost midway through Ramadhan and I hope I'll be able to put up Jules Raya stuff soon...I've received many enquiries about Jules Raya packaging; I've given a sneak peek of Jules latest Tins, so I will soon show you the contents of those Tins ya... pleeeeease bear with me, thank you, thank you... :)

In the meantime, do enjoy this early part of Jules Raya Playlist, oldies that are my alltime favourites :)


NiCkLeEn said...

Kak Julie~ Soo looking forward to get that polkadot bag.. hehe.. =)

Wiz said...

Ala Jules, so obvious la...mesti la lagu anuar yang main dulu kan.

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

lileen, the moment i saw that red and white polka bag, i dah tergedik-gedik nak! kalau boleh, nak beli semua yg kat kedai tu! so, i figured, it would be cool to share with jules folks kan? insyaAllah you'll get yours esok ya... :)

wiz, mesti la anuar zain... if kain pelikat dia hari tu ada sebut 1malaysia or merdeka, also i sure put first on the list one... hee hee

The Stakeholder said...

hi there. taking this opportunity to congratulate you once again for a superb job done for us in PETRONAS. the latest yet simple idea of the "kudap2an" edition this year proved that you can outdo yourself over and over again.

i told kak ju (your namesake!) that the entire presentation was very well thought through with attention paid to the minutest detail. and putting the whole idea onto a booklet, a CD and the "reel" can was brilliant. am going to bring it home to dad (hopefully with everything still intact hee hee) so that he can see what you've done. ok, easiest way - upload dem pictures cepaaat!!

indeed, when creative minds get to work collaboratively, great things happen. you should chalk it up as one of your best so far!!

now get back to creating more juicy stuff and don't forget my brownies ah... :)

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

my dearest miz stakeholder... thank you!!! i am at a loss for words actually,...alhamdulillah... but you must know that it's friends like you that keep me going, and have me always reaching for the stars, insyaAllah... thanks babe :)

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